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Do doTERRA on Guard Beadlets Expire?

Do doTERRA on Guard Beadlets Expire?

The minute you begin to use doTERRA on guard beadlets, you must know everything about them. Understand their use and how many to take. Also, it’s essential to ask, does doTERRA have an expiration date?

All essential oils and similar products, including doTERRA beadlets, expire. Therefore, it’s always important to note the expiration date on each bottle that you use. Once the use time elapses, you stop and get a fresh batch.

In this article, you will know all about doTERRA oils, their expiration dates, and why essential oils expire. Also, you can note how many beadlets to take and the benefits to expect.

Does doTERRA have Expiration Dates?

Yes, doTERRA has expiration dates written at the bottom of each bottle. Always check the oil when you buy it and note the date.

Oxidation is a process that begins the moment you open a bottle of doTERRA beadlets. This process results from oxygen coming into contact with the oil. As a result, there are more carbon bonds in oils than oxygen bonds.

Any time you open a fresh bottle and the air affects the oil. Apart from oxygen contact, heat, and light play a role in changing its composition. The longer you have the oil, the less effective it is as change continues.

So, having an expiry date isn’t about the doTERRA oils going bad. But rather, the change that takes place makes it less effective. It’s also not safe to use oil that’s passed its expiration date for health reasons. Avoid using it on your skin or inhaling it once the date passes.

Can You Use doTERRA Oils After Expiration Date?

doTERRA oils have a shelf-life that elapses when the expiration date arrives. After the expiration passes, it’s better to get rid of the oil. As mentioned above, it’s not safe to apply the oils to your skin or inhale them when they expire.

Not only do the oils lose strength, but there are lots of changes that take place in the composition. The oil is no longer the right composition for safe and effective use. Prolonged oxygen, heat, and light exposure hasten the changes.

This is why you have to store the oils in a cool and dark place. These are two effective methods of increasing the shelf-life of doTERRA oils. In addition, reduce oxygen exposure by sealing the lid shut immediately after use.

Some of the ways to tell that the doTERRA oils have expired include:

  • Checking the expiration date at the bottom of the bottle
  • Noting if there’s any change in the smell of the oils
  • Checking for color change or clouding of the doTERRA oils
  • Changes or inconsistency. Is the oil thinner or thicker than before?

It’s better and safer to cease using expired oil and get a fresh batch. Avoid pouring oil down the sink when it’s time to dispose of the expired oils. The oils end up clogging your pipes and can be costly to unclog.

Instead, speak with your waste management company about safe disposal options. Ensure you inform them about the oils you want to dispose of. Also, consult your city or municipality about proper oil disposal options.

How Many On Guard Beadlets Should I Take?

The proper dosage of on guard beadlets is 1 to 2. Some people take more, but always ensure you don’t take more than 10 to 15 in 24 hours.

Caution is necessary when taking on guard beadlets and keeping them out of reach of children. If you’re under medication, pregnant, or nursing, speak with your physician. Consulting your physician is safer before you start consuming doTERRA On Guard beadlets.

You can swallow them or place some beadlets under your tongue in terms of consumption. Take the oil daily for better immune function, especially during seasonal changes.

What Are doTERRA On Guard Beadlets Good For?

On Guard, beadlets are protective blends of essential oils that you can consume daily. The ultimate goal of the beadlets is to improve your immune function.

There are several flavors that you can enjoy as you seek better health, such as:

  • Rosemary
  • Eucalyptus
  • Wild orange
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves

The different flavors come in small beadlets that dissolve quickly in your mouth. These are fantastic to take as the seasons change, travel to new climates, or freshen your breath. The benefits you can enjoy from taking doTERRA beadlets include:

  • Better respiratory function
  • Boost immune function
  • Fresh breath

Immune function is crucial as seasons change. This is when the body faces lots of challenges with the changing weather. Finding ways to boost immune function at this time is critical. Taking some doTERRA beadlets improves immune function and protects your body from colds.

Also, these are essential for better respiratory function. The blends support good respiratory health and a sense of relief in case you have a cold. It’s therefore ideal for taking them when environmental challenges are high.

The strong tastes of rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint are excellent for fresh breath. Suck on one beadlet in the morning to improve your breath.

Note that the beadlets have a strong taste. This is why some people opt not to suck on the beadlets. Instead, you can swallow or place it under the tongue. You get the same benefits but don’t have to ensure a strong aftertaste.

Can Children Take doTERRA Beadlets?

Children can take doTERRA beadlets to improve immune and respiratory function. However, it’s safer to manage their dosage and store the beadlets out of reach.

There’s always the risk of acute toxicity when consuming too many On Guard beadlets. Contact Poison Control and get to the emergency room immediately if that happens. Some of the signs of overdose include:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Convulsions
  • General muscle weakness


doTERRA on Guard beadlets expire. There’s an expiration date at the bottom of each bottle you purchase. From the day you open the bottle, keep an eye on the expiration date. It’s safer to cease using the product once the expiration date is at hand.

Changes in composition can result in the product being less effective. Also, it might compromise your health and well-being. Still, doTERRA beadlets are good to use, especially during seasonal changes. These boost immune and respiratory function while leaving you with fresh breath.