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How Long Do Candles Last On Candle Warmers?

How Long Do Candles Last On Candle Warmers?

Candle warmers are a cost-effective method to enjoy the fragrance of a traditional candle without having to light the wick. But just how long do candles last on candle warmers?

Different candles have varying burn times. A good quality candle will throw aroma for 8 – 10 hours on most conventional warmers before it stops smelling pleasant. Some wax melt brands have a melt time of up to 30 hours.

While you already know that you can keep the warmer on for hours, you may still have concerns about how long the candle will last. Continue reading to learn more and make the most of your candle wax melts experience.

Factors Affecting the Duration Candles Last on Candle Warmers

Manufacturers often state the burn time in their product descriptions, but it ultimately boils down to the model and type of warmer.

Most candle-lit warmers are made to burn between 4 – 8 hours. Electric candle warmers can burn indefinitely, albeit with the risk of overheating. This is why most models recommend using them for up to 10 hours. Here’s where the candle’s brand and size come in.

Read on to understand better these factors that affect the longevity of a candle on a candle warmer.

Type of Candle Warmer

The model of the candle warmer you use will limit its time to melt the candle and fully release its fragrance. For instance, a tealight wax warmer will extinguish itself once the tealight has used all of its wax, regardless if there’s any candle remaining. An electric heating plate warms up faster, meaning the candle melts quicker.

Different candle warmers have varying strengths of heat, which impact the rate the candle melts. The burn time is significantly reduced if the warmer becomes too hot and too fast, although the throw is stronger.

The Brand and Size of the Candle

Candles for warmers have different properties. Depending on the scent notes in the fragrance and the size of the candle, some have a longer burn time; others have a shorter one.

For instance, the 2.5 oz Candle Warmers Etc. Soy Wax Blend has a melt time of 30 hours. A 6 oz scented candle can last up to 150 hours, while most 8 oz packs boast over 175 hours of burn time!

Can Candle Warmers Be Left On All Day and Night?

No, most candle warmers cannot be left on all day and night. Typically, most manufacturers have designed their candle warmers to work for about 8 – 10 hours or until the entire wax melts. This means you can choose to leave it on either in the daytime or at night, seldom both.

If you’re hoping to make your wax last as long as possible, don’t use it 24/7.

Using a candle warmer throughout can result in your wax melts losing their scent a lot more quickly.

However, exercising caution when leaving candle warmers on for elongated periods would be best. Although the risk of fire from an open flame is eliminated, there are other potential hazards such as:

  • Overheating
  • Wear and tear lead to electrical wire damage.
  • Electrocution from water spills
  • Smoke from a candle standing too close to the heating lamp.
  • The electrical cord is a trip hazard for toddlers.

DIY Candle Warmer for Your Candles

It is possible to create a homemade candle warmer if you don’t own a candle warmer lamp or, for some reason, the heating plate fails to work. There are numerous housewives’ tales, so you have to consider the aspects of a proposed method before trying it out.

Check these inventive solutions if you’re looking to make a DIY candle warmer.

The Microwave Method

What you need: candle wax melt, microwave-safe bowl, small spoon

  1. Place the wax beads in the dish.
  2. Microwave for 10 seconds, then turn it off.
  3. When the timer goes off, use the spoon to stir the melted wax.
  4. If there is still solid wax in the bowl, reheat for another 10 seconds. Repeat the process until the wax has melted to a honey-like consistency.
  5. Place wax at a suitable location to exude its scent.

It’s worth noting that microwaves can heat the wax unevenly, heating some regions while leaving others cold. If the wax bowl is left uncovered, heated wax may splatter or boil over the container. This may result in injury.

To prevent this, cover the container with a paper towel to keep any wax from bubbling out. Also, do not use the microwave on high power.

The Torchiere Technique

What you need: Candle tart or wax cubes, a ceramic dish, a torchiere lamp, and a low-watt bulb

  1. Find a quality Torchiere-style lamp. A traditional table lamp can work as a substitute.
  2. Attach a 20-watt bulb. Higher than this, and you risk starting a fire.
  3. Set a heat-resistant ceramic plate on top of the torchiere shade.
  4. Fill the plate with candle tarts or wax cubes.
  5. Turn on the lamp.

Induction heat from the low-watt bulb warms the wax after a few minutes, releasing aroma into the air.

Using the Stove

What you need: A stove, two differently-sized cooking pots, candle melt

  1. Heat a small amount of water in a medium-sized pot over medium heat.
  2. Submerge a smaller empty pot in the water.
  3. Put the wax in the smaller pan.

The heat from the stove warms the pot containing the wax, effectively melting it – a fantastic way to enjoy the aroma without using a warmer. You can also use this method outside while camping with the Grill Boss portable stove.

The Tea Light Candle Approach

What you need: Candle wax brick, one unscented tea light candle, a small glass, a small plate, and about 20 inches of thick gauge wire bent into an oval shape.

  1. Light the candle and place it inside the glass.
  2. Place the bent wire on the brim of the glass and set the plate on top.
  3. Put the wax brick on the plate and wait.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a way to make your candles last longer, a candle warmer is a way to go. They are safer, healthier, cost-effective, and good for the environment. And don’t worry if you don’t own a candle warmer yet; you can make one at home to enjoy your candles longer.