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How Long Do 100ml, 120ml, 150ml, & 200ml Reed Diffusers Last?

How Long Do 100ml, 120ml, 150ml, & 200ml Reed Diffusers Last?

Maybe you are someone who prefers rotating scents frequently, or maybe you prefer one scent like lavender permeating your rooms all the time. Either way, if you are wondering how long 100ml, 120ml, 150ml, and 200ml reed diffusers last, then you’ve come to the right place.

We are going to fill you in on the deets about the different sizes of reed diffusers and how long they will last you. Let’s roll!

How Long Opened Reed Diffusers Last

In general, after you expose a reed diffuser to air, they can last anywhere from one month up to eight months. That is a huge time gap!

How long your reed diffuser lasts depends on several things. Here are some factors that may affect how long your reed diffuser will last:

How Long Opened Reed Diffusers Last

  • Amount of oil inside a reed diffuser
  • Carrier oil type
  • Essential oil scent
  • Reed stick quality
  • Rotating reed sticks
  • Fans
  • Humidity
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Closed doors
  • Opened doors
  • Dehumidifiers

There are so many elements that can change the lifespan of your reed diffuser! Although we can not give you an exact number of how long reed diffusers last, we can give you the general estimate by milliliters.

How Long 100ml Reed Diffusers Last

A 100ml reed diffuser lasts for at least a month. Though that timeframe can easily be extended to three to four months if you take good care of your reed diffuser.

Good care consists of higher quality oils and longer-lasting carrier oils. Proper care can also include using higher-quality reed sticks and consistently rotating your reed diffuser sticks at least once a week.

100ml reed diffusers are best for people who need variety in fragrances. If you enjoy changing up your scents or get bored easily with one scent for multiple months, then the 100ml reed diffuser size option is perfect for you.

How Long 120ml Reed Diffusers Last

A 120ml reed diffuser can last up to three months. Some websites will tell you they can last three to four months, but again, depending on the factors bullet-pointed above, the lifespan can fluctuate.

120ml reed diffusers last about the same amount of time as a 100ml reed diffuser. You can probably squeeze at least an extra month in with 120ml reed diffusers.

We like suggesting the 120ml reed diffuser for people who enjoy changing decorations with the seasons. These reed diffusers are perfect for swapping out new scents with each season within the year.

How Long 150ml Reed Diffusers Last

A 150ml reed diffuser lasts up to six months. With these lasting about six months, they are great for people who favor two scents.

Swapping scents every six months is also an easy way to keep track and organize your scents easier. Starting September 1st you can use your favorite spiced scent for the colder months, and in warmer months, starting March 1st you can swap out with your favorite floral scent.

How Long 200ml Reed Diffusers Last

A 200ml reed diffuser lasts for approximately eight months and sometimes longer. Some websites say they can last you eight to 10 months.

A 200ml reed diffuser is a terrific option for retired folks who travel south during the cold months or for anyone who takes two to four-month trips. This size is also wonderful for people who want to set their reed sticks inside and be done with it for a while.

How Long Unopened Reed Diffusers Last

This is a tricky question. The answer is, it depends.

You should base how long your reed diffusers last on what carrier oil and what essential oil you are using inside of it. Some carrier oils last longer than others, and the same thing goes with essential oils.

Carrier oils that are low in unsaturated fatty acids can last one to two years if they are stored properly. If your carrier oil is high in unsaturated fatty acids, then they will only survive for six months behind your pantry door.

Unopened carrier oils lasting six months to a year in storage are:

Olive Oils

Unopened carrier oils lasting more than a year in storage are:

Coconut Oils

Your carrier oil should take precedence over your essential oil shelf life. The reason being is the shelf life for carrier oils is usually shorter than essential oils.

You can store every essential oil for two years before worrying about it going rancid. While some of your carrier oils like primrose, flaxseed, and rosehip, you are lucky if you can store it for six months before worrying about it going bad.

Reed Diffuser Size Based on Your Style

We’ve put together a couple of tables to help you figure out what size reed diffuser you need based on your style. The second table gives you a list of great reed diffusers to choose from based on the reed diffuser size you selected.

Reed Diffuser Size Based on Your Style

Reed Diffuser Size Based on Your Style

100ml Reed Diffusers          (1-3 months)

120ml Reed Diffusers          (3-4 months)150ml Reed Diffusers          (4-6 months)

200ml Reed Diffusers        (8-10 months)

Your Style
  • Needs variety and frequent change
  • Loves multiple fragrances
  • Reed diffuser scents are swapped monthly or slightly longer
  • Maintenance isn’t a big deal
  • Changes scent based on holidays or boredom
  • Lives by their sniffer and fragrances are everything
  • Likes variety and change
  • Loves four main fragrances
  • Reed diffuser scents are swapped quarterly
  • A little bit of maintenance is okay
  • Changes scents based on seasons
  • Average Jane or John who likes to mix things up from time to time
  • Fixed on a few and doesn’t need a variety
  • Loves two main fragrances
  • Reed diffuser scents swapped twice a year
  • The less maintenance the better
  • Keeps fragrances on a schedule (twice a year)
  • Busy parent or individual who is less hands-on
  • Fixed on one or a couple and doesn’t need change
  • Loves one or two main fragrances
  • Reed diffuser scents swapped once, maybe twice a year
  • Less maintenance is extremely appreciated
  • Keeps a fragrance or two going almost all year round
  • Retired and vacations for a few months

This next table is a shopping list for the correct milliliter reed diffuser that matches your style and your needs.

Reed Diffuser Shopping List Based on Reed Diffuser Size

Reed Diffuser Shopping List Based on Reed Diffuser Size

100ml Reed Diffusers

(1-3 months)

120ml Reed Diffusers

(3-4 months)

150ml Reed Diffusers

(4-6 months)

200ml Reed Diffusers

(8-10 months)


We went over how long 100ml, 120ml, 150ml, and 200ml reed diffusers last. You also know the shelf life of a reed diffuser once it’s been opened and kept unopened.

With two new awesome and informative reed diffuser tables, one relating to your style and the other a shopping guide, we hope you easily find the reed diffuser size that is right for you. Happy shopping!