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How to Open a Reed Diffuser Bottle

How to Open a Reed Diffuser Bottle

You are using your teeth, a nail file, and a butter knife trying to open that reed diffuser bottle. Gosh, there must be an easier way!

Thank goodness you came to this page! We are about to share how to open a reed diffuser bottle without your teeth or using miscellaneous objects.

Opening a Reed Diffuser Bottle

Although there are many ways to open a reed diffuser bottle, some methods are a lot safer than others. Opening a reed diffuser bottle with a sharp non-serrated knife probably isn’t the safest way to go about this task.

No one wants to cut themselves by accident when trying to open a reed diffuser bottle. Here is a list of the safer ways to open a reed diffuser bottle:

Your reed diffuser will normally come with one of two types of lids or caps. Reed diffuser bottles can come with a cork plug or a plastic cap.

The type of plug or cap on your reed diffuser bottle will decide the type of method you use. Keep reading to learn how to open reed diffuser lids based on the type.

Opening Reed Diffuser Bottles With Corks

Opening Reed Diffuser Bottles With Corks

You can use four of the seven methods when opening a reed diffuser bottle with a cork plug. The four methods you can use are:



The corkscrew method is fairly simple but requires a little bit of strength. It’s similar to using a corkscrew on a wine bottle.

Twist the corkscrew through the top and then pull the cork straight up. This process may take some wiggling and muscle work, but you will be able to pop that sucker out.

If you are using one of those cheaper plastic corkscrews, then you’ll want to pull the corkscrew upwards without twisting it. Again, wiggling it may be the best option for you (and your arm muscles!).

If you are using a more expensive mechanical corkscrew, then push down on the metal lever or squeeze the handles together. Before using your fancy corkscrew, make sure it fits securely over your reed diffuser’s bottleneck.

Hot Water

Hot Water

The hot water method is another suggestion. Like a wine bottle, if you place the neck of the bottle under hot or cold water, the cork will slowly ease its way out.

Run your reed diffuser bottle underneath hot water for 30 seconds. Make sure you don’t get the cork wet and use thermal proof gloves to protect the skin on your hands.

We didn’t try the hot water method ourselves, but other people have. The science behind the hot water method is to build enough pressure inside the bottle that the cork is forced to come out.

When air heats up inside your reed diffuser bottle it will loosen up the cork. From there, you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and tug the cork out the rest of the way.

Power Drill

Power Drill

The power drill method is fairly safe, as long as you know how to operate a power drill. Similar to the corkscrew method, you will drill a screw through the center of the cork plug.

The main difference between the corkscrew method and the power drill method is how the cork plug exits. You’ll need to use a claw hammer to place around the screw to pull the cork out.

If you feel comfortable with tools, then the power drill method is an easy option for you. It’s one way to brush up on your tool skills!

Thick Towel

Thick Towel

The thick towel method requires a good grip and a dash of strength. Wrap a thick towel around the base of your reed diffuser bottle and pound it against a hard surface.

The key here is to use a “thick towel.” If the towel is too thin, you may end up with a shattered reed diffuser bottle.

This method is similar to the hot water method. Tapping your reed diffuser bottle on a hard surface will create pressure and gravity inside the bottle, which eventually releases your cork.

The thick towel method only works if there is already liquid inside your reed diffuser bottle. If it’s an empty bottle, then choose one of the other three options instead.

Although some websites mention banging the bottle on a hard surface, they fail to mention that it doesn’t work on empty bottles. The liquid inside of a bottle puts pressure on the cork, which causes the cork to pop out.

Opening Reed Diffuser Bottles With Screw-on Plastic Tops

Opening Reed Diffuser Bottles With Screw-on Plastic Tops

Screw-on plastic tops are a pain to get out. They may be more frustrating than cork plugs!

Four of the seven methods originally listed can be used to open a reed diffuser bottle with screw-on tops. Here are the four methods you can use:


Didn’t we already mention a corkscrew? Yes, we did.

You can also use a corkscrew to get a plastic top off your reed diffuser bottle. It may be harder to use a corkscrew with this type of lid. Screw-on lids are made of hard plastic and not cork.

Though it may be more difficult, the corkscrew method is still an option. Twist the corkscrew through the center of the plastic top, firmly hold the bottle, and then pull upwards on the plastic top.

Needle Nose Pliers

The needle nose plier method is a commonly used method to open a reed diffuser bottle. This method does require some strength.

Hold the needle nose pliers firmly in one hand and your reed diffuser bottle in the other hand. With hulk-grip and strength, wiggle the plastic plug out of the reed diffuser bottle.

Here is a Youtube video showing you how to remove a plastic plug from a reed diffuser bottle.

Getting Started with Oojra Essential Oil Reed Diffusers: An Unboxing

Metal Spoon

Metal Spoon

The metal spoon method is similar to using a butter knife. The big difference is, the metal spoon method is safer.

You’re going to need a sturdy metal spoon for this method. Holding your spoon like you’re about to eat soup, stick the tip of the spoon underneath the edge of the plastic lid on your reed diffuser bottle. Wiggle your spoon side-to-side to pry it open.

Goo Gone

The Goo Gone Method is a newer and less-known method you can use. This method is messy, so you may want to be outside.

First, you’ll need to buy Goo Gone. Goo Gone is a liquid created to clean up stains or sticky messes.

Goo Gone can be used to loosen objects from other surfaces. This is why Goo Gone is terrific for loosening a plastic reed diffuser bottle lid.

Spray or pour Goo Gone onto your plastic top. With a dry rag, wiggle the plastic lid from the reed diffuser bottle.

Think of this process like a ring that’s stuck on your finger. Rinsing your hand under cold water and using dish soap creates a slippery surface that helps get the ring off.


Even though you can open a reed diffuser bottle with your teeth or a knife, there are plenty of safer options to choose from. You now know of seven safer methods you can try at home.

We hope these methods make the process of opening a reed diffuser bottle less upsetting. You’ve got this!