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Can You Use Olive Oil In Reed Diffuser? Let’s Find Out

Can You Use Olive Oil In Reed Diffuser? Let’s Find Out

Have you ever wondered if there’s any way to fill your home with a lovely aroma without using a source of heat? Open flames and heat can be unsafe, so it’s better to search for another solution.

Well, the answer is a Reed Diffuser. Reed Diffusers are the best way to fill a space with a lovely aroma using a wick system.

All you need to make a Reed Diffuser work is a jar, essential oils, reeds, and carrier oil. The oil travels up the reed and disperses to the surrounding. This post will help you understand if you can use olive oil in a Reed Diffuser? But first, what is a carrier oil?

What is a Carrier Oil?

What is a Carrier Oil?

While essential oils have numerous benefits to the body and skin, they can be pretty intense. They’re extracts from different parts of a plant, including leaves and bark. When you apply them directly, you can develop severe reactions.

This is why you need a way to dilute the strong essential oils. That’s why you use carrier oils like olive oil. Carrier oils are the reason your favorite essential oils won’t irritate your skin or cause itchy patches.

These oils also come in handy when you opt to use a Reed Diffuser to make your home smell wonderful. Most come from plants like an olive tree, coconut tree, or almond nuts. From these, you get carrier oils like olive, coconut, and sweet almond.

There are specific carrier oils you can use on a Reed Diffuser.  However, the best and most recommended oils to use for aromatherapy have gone through the cold-press process. Oils like olive oil come about through crushing olive fruits.

As a result, you get good quality carrier oil for use in a Reed Diffuser. Some of the oils have no smell, but others have a slight and noticeable aroma. These are the right ones to mix with essential oils then use on a Reed Diffuser.

Can You Use Olive Oil on a Reed Diffuser?

Can You Use Olive Oil on a Reed Diffuser?

Olive oil and other carrier oils are the best to use on a Reed Diffuser. Olive oil is an affordable example that can ensure the fragrance oil lasts up to 3 months. Only then will you need to refill and continue to enjoy the lovely aroma.

One point to note when using olive oil is the iodine value. Remember, Reed Diffuser relies on the wicking system to disperse aroma in a room. However, it’s possible to block this process if you use oils with a high iodine value.

Such carrier oils tend to block the reeds and prevent wicking from commencing. That’s why you need liquids such as olive oil to disperse the fragrance in your space. Olive oil is not only affordable but readily available.

Additionally, it’s light and easy for the reeds to wick. Once the olive oil reaches the top, the essential oil fragrance travels all over.

Another crucial point to note when using a Reed Diffuser is to steer clear of fast drying oils. For instance, avoid using grape seed oil which tends to dry up faster. Instead, pick olive oil, sweet almond, or coconut as your carrier oils.

Benefits of Using Olive Oil as a Carrier Oil in Reed Diffuser

Benefits of Using Olive Oil as a Carrier Oil in Reed Diffuser

It’s essential to mix your essential oils with carrier oils. Olive oil is one of the best, and you can find it in many places. Below are some of the benefits of using a carrier oil.

1. Easy Wicking

Reed Diffuser relies on a wicking system to release the fragrance into the air. You can’t use any oil for this process.

So, you need a carrier oil that can mix with essential oils. It should also be light enough to travel up the reeds.

2. Free of Harmful Chemicals

Carrier oils like olive oil don’t contain harmful chemicals. But be sure to check and purchase those that are 100% pure.

You get carrier oil through a cold-press process which doesn’t include any chemical addition or use. So, this won’t compromise your indoor air quality in any way.

3. Mild Aroma

Some carrier oils have a mild aroma that you can notice when you buy them. This aroma adds to the lovely scent the Reed Diffuser distributes all over your space.

Thus you end up with a long-lasting aroma without needing to refill the jar soon.

4. Dilutes Essential Oils

Essential oils tend to be quite strong, especially when you purchase fragrances that are 100% pure. If you use this on a Reed Diffuser, it won’t last long but will also leave you with a strong scent.

One way to avoid having an overpowering fragrance in your home is to mix the essential oil with a carrier oil. Then you can regulate the number of reeds to use depending on the strength of aroma you want.

How to Care for a Reed Diffuser that Uses Olive Oil

How to Care for a Reed Diffuser that Uses Olive Oil

Like any other item you need in your home, there are specific steps to follow when cleaning a Reed Diffuser. Such care tips and steps can help you increase the longevity of this diffuser and benefit your home for months to come.

These tips are:

Use Reeds Only

While it’s possible to use other sticks for this type of diffuser, it’s better to use reeds. Reeds have a better system that permits easier and faster travel of the olive oil from the jar.

Others like bamboo tend to limit this movement which leaves you with an ineffective diffuser.

Place More Reeds

One reed isn’t enough to disperse more fragrance in a room. You need about 6 to 10 reeds to have a better concentration of aroma in the room.

Reeds come in batches, and you don’t need to throw them away after use.

Refill Jar Only When Empty

Once the Reed Diffuser starts working, you can notice the olive oil getting low after some time.

While you can refill it at that point, it’s better to allow all the oil to diffuse from the jar before pouring in more. Fresh oil gives you a better aroma concentration than the old batch.

Clean the Jar Before Refill

Traces of the old olive oil and aroma remain on the jar once the diffusion process is complete. Before refilling it with a fresh batch, wash the jar with soap and rinse with clean water.

Once the jar is clean, allow it to dry, then refill it with a mixture of essential oil and olive oil for the best results. Avoid pouring the oil in a wet jar since the water will make the reeds warp.

What Makes Reed Diffusers a Better Option When Using Olive Oil?

What Makes Reed Diffusers a Better Option When Using Olive Oil?

Why is a Reed Diffuser a better option? Well, for a starter, you don’t need to use any source of heat. Scented candles and other diffusers need a flame or electricity to work. These tend to be unsafe options when in the wrong hands.

But, Reed Diffuser relies on the wicking capabilities of the reeds. So you can place the reeds in one area and leave them without any worry.

When you use olive oil in a Reed Diffuser you get to enjoy the full benefits of your favorite essential oil due to smooth dispersion. It also helps to maintain your reeds for longer as it does not clog them up.

Say you want to use a diffuser in a remote location, a Reed Diffuser is the best option. This is true, especially when you have poor or no electricity in the area. You still enjoy the lovely aroma wafting through space.

Also, you can place them anywhere as they don’t need an electrical outlet. Therefore, you can use a Reed Diffuser in an area where open flames for scented candles aren’t permitted. Reed Diffuser makes a perfect alternative and is a safer option.

The Best Reed Diffusers to Use with Olive Oil

1. Cocodor Real Flower Reed Diffuser


  •         Brand: Cocodor
  •         Color: White
  •         Fragrance: April Fresh, Black Cherry, Pure cotton, Garden lavender, Refreshing air
  •         Bottle capacity: 6.7 ounces


Cocodor is among the top Reed Diffusers you can use safely at home or in the office. These come in different fragrances in numerous varieties. These fragrances are safe to use and don’t contain any harmful substances. You can mix them easily with carrier oils like olive oil.

The best way to increase or decrease the aroma concentration is by adding or removing the reed sticks. This entire system is simple to use, and you don’t need any heat source in the process.

This can be a gift for anyone on all occasions. The simplicity and fantastic look of the package are attractive.

2. NEVAEHEART Reed Diffuser


  • Jar capacity: 100ml
  • Color: Jasmine


The primary scent of this Reed Diffuser is jasmine that spread across the room using reeds. The Reed Diffuser delivers a mild and lasting aroma that you can enjoy for a long time.

It comes with a 100ml jar made using glass and is easy to clean once diffusion is complete. The jar has a good opening for an easier refill of the Reed Diffuser, especially when using olive oil.

In Conclusion

A Reed Diffuser is an excellent option when you don’t want to use any heat source to deliver aroma in your room. All you need is the jar, essential and carrier oils, plus the reed sticks.

The excellent news is you can use oils like olive oil that is light, readily available, and travel better up the reeds.