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Diffuser Beads: What Are They and Do They Work?

Diffuser Beads: What Are They and Do They Work?

Essential oil diffuser beads are quickly becoming the next big thing in the aromatherapy and fashion accessory industries. Although this does not mean they are a recent discovery!

You must have seen monks and other religious people using these bead-like artifacts during prayers and rituals. Some of them were diffuser beads made into bracelets and necklaces.

But do diffuser beads work?

Diffuser beads are effective, and you can wear them as part of watches, leather bracelets, or pendant locket necklaces. You typically place the aromatic diffuser bead in a pendant-like neckpiece like the Cherri Wave pendant set, and you go about your business, taking in the aromatic scents all day.

But what exactly are they?

Let’s find out together.

Definition of Diffuser Beads—Origin and Materials

The origin of diffuser beads was more of a spiritual standing, but that has since changed into more aesthetic. Manufacturers of diffuser beads commonly use lava stone or clay and connect them using leather for the wearable pieces.

However, lava stone diffuser beads are the most popular. It also has a fascinating backstory.



As the name implies, Lava stone forms from molten lava found in the earth’s center after it has escaped from its core to reach the surface. When this lava comes to the surface, it solidifies, forming a rock. It rises as a result of volcanic eruptions, either on land or at sea.

The use of lava stones dates back to the Roman era. Engineers in Rome used lava stone to construct massive dome-like structures in the Pantheon. They did the same thing on aqueducts and roads.

However, people discovered that they could use lava stone for other purposes.

The main event occurred in the 18th century, following the discovery of the Pompeii cities in Italy. The people who discovered this location wanted to take something with them to commemorate their find, so they curved the stone into rings, brooches, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

And since then, lava stone has become a jewelry-making material.

Why is Lava Stone Effective As A Diffuser Bead?

Lava stone is a porous rock with excellent absorption properties, making it ideal for soaking in essential oils and using it all day. They are also very light and can hold enough essential oil to last you the entire day.

Another fascinating fact about lava stone diffuser beads is that it has grounding properties. People consider it a cure to naturally soothe emotions due to their origins deep within the earth’s core. Lava Stone is a rock that represents rebirth. It is also very effective at balancing your root chakra.

It gives the wearer strength, courage, and stability in the face of change. In unfamiliar situations and changes, lava stone provides guidance and understanding.

They have a rough and unpolished look which looks stunning on a diffuser bead bracelet or necklace. And because of its extra grounding properties, it makes it an even better pick as a diffuser bead material.

The best lava stone bracelets on Amazon are Bivei Black Lava Rock Stone Bead Bracelet and the Top Plaza essential oil lava stone bracelet.



These are majorly molded clay stones shaped into beads that can be wearable or used on a tabletop as a slow diffuser.

The history of clay usage dates back centuries where civilization used it mainly for construction, just like lava stone. Despite it first being loose soil, when builders mold clay into rock using the right conditions, pressure, and temperature, it creates a solid building material. So much so, it doesn’t crumble easily on pressure.

Why is Clay Ideal For Making Diffuser Bead?

Clay also has excellent absorption properties, which are critical in diffuser beads. The porous nature of the clay allows it to absorb essential oils and disperse them for a long time.

They are also very light, so even when completely saturated with essential oil, they do not feel heavy.

The Zuiaidess Stone Bracelet Bangles Wristlet, Round Polymer Clay Chip Disk Beads Elastic Bracelet are great examples made from clay.



Although it is not the actual bead material, leather is the third most popular material used to create the diffuser beads artifacts. It is the connector to hold these diffuser beads together.

Overall, it is still considered a part of the diffuser bead creation process.

Why is Leather Preferred?

People have long been using leather in aromatherapy, and they prefer it due to its absorbent properties. This makes them an ideal material for creating a diffuser bead bracelet, necklace, or other wearable artifacts.

You may use other kinds of material, such as uncoated wood diffuser beads, but they do not last that long nor dissipate best.

One of the best leather products on amazon with lava stone is the PLTGOOD 5 Wrap Leather Bead Bracelet.

How Diffuser Beads Work

Diffuser beads must have an absorbent property to take in the aromatic molecules.

When you want to make the diffuser beads fragrant, the first option is to use a cotton ball soaked in essential oil and dab it on the beads. Alternatively, soak the beads into the oil for a while, remove them and air dry, then wear.

Besides wearing them, you may also use fragrant diffuser beads by placing them inside an open container and placing it in your home. This method diffuses the scent slowly within the household.

Do Diffuser Beads Work?

The beads allow you to enjoy the benefits of the essential oils by wearing or carrying them around. You may also utilize them by placing in your working or sleeping space.

So, the answer to the question, “Do they work?” is yes. The answer is yes, but there are some restrictions. Among these elements are:

The Type of Essential Oil Added to the Diffuser Beads

If you use a low-quality essential oil on diffuser beads, you may not be able to reap all of the benefits of the beads. You won’t smell the oils if they lack aromatic properties. They may evaporate more quickly.

The Type of Essential Oil Added to the Diffuser Beads

Therefore, make sure the oils you’re using are high-quality, preferably all-natural blends. These are the ones with a long sillage that would take you all day to exhaust.

Still, on quality, the concentration of the essential oil added to the beads is also a significant factor. The more concentrated the oil, the stronger and longer the dots dissipate the scent.

The Material of the Diffuser Beads

Lava beads are the most popular of the materials. The more absorbent the material, the better it works in this case. And the addition of leather to the diffusing item is a great touch.

You can dab some on the leather strap and the lava bead for a more extended dissipation period.

Climatic Conditions

If it is too windy, the draft may carry away most of the essential oils soaked inside the diffuser. And this leaves you with nothing to enjoy later on.

Also, if rain falls on the beads, the water may displace the essential oil molecules, preventing you from reaping the benefits of the oils.

Reasons You Should Get Diffuser Beads

Now that you know diffuser beads work, here are some of the reasons you should get them:

1. They are Versatile

The first reason you should get diffuser beads today is that they are a versatile way to reap the benefits of essential oils. You can wear them in different styles and forms, the most common methods being bracelets and necklaces.

You may also place them on an open container where they slowly release the aromatic smell of the essential oil.

They are Versatile

In addition, you can switch up the scents on the diffuser beads to another after the first fragrance wears out. For example,  you can enjoy your peppermint aroma for a while and switch it up to lavender in a few weeks.

2. Diffuser Beads Can Fit Any Space

Besides sitting comfortably on your arm or neck, you may place them in different places. You can use them in cars, drawers, shoes, lockers, and cabinets to make them smell lovely and fresh.

3. Having Diffuser Beads on a Wearable Piece May Become your Perfume

Everyone likes to smell nice, and having these diffuser beads with you, as a bracelet or necklace, will proffer you just that. That said, if you love the calming and uplifting scent vanilla offers, add that on your diffuser beads and have it with you the whole day as a perfume too.

4. Diffuser Beads Help Eliminate Bad Odour

Diffuser Beads Help Eliminate Bad Odour

Diffuser beads placed in your home can become an excellent remedy to remove any foul smells. If you are using an organic essential oil blend, your space acquires the same scent.

5. Wearing Diffuser Beads Enhance Focus and Concentration

Fragrant diffuser beads with vetiver, cedarwood, lavender, or rosemary could be a significant focus and concentration enhancer. They are effective if you wear them or place them within your working space.

6. Having Diffuser Beads Helps with Stress Relief and Relaxation

Diffuser beads with oils such as chamomile, holy basil, and bergamot can help reduce stress. These scents help to elevate any feelings of anxiety by relaxing the body and the mind.

7. Diffuser Beads are a Safe Option

You do not have to supervise diffuser beads in action like you would on scented aromatic candles. They do not pose any direct danger to anyone. But in a household with kids and pets, it is best to place them in a hidden place.

Perhaps a high shelf because they are still a choking hazard.

8. Diffuser Beads are a Cost-Efficient Investment

Once you buy the diffuser beads, you will only need essential oils to refresh their scent. You can restore the beads after the oil fades away and use different scents as you wish.

This is a cost-effective choice compared to using candles that you have to buy once it burns out.

9. They Help Keep Insects Away

Finally, having diffuser beads laced with a scent that repels insects is a lifesaver. Diffuser beads with oils such as citronella, cinnamon, peppermint, and lemongrass are perfect for this role.

How Long Do Diffuser Beads Hold The Scent?

How Long Do Diffuser Beads Hold The Scent

The duration of the scent on the diffuser beads is dependent on the blend used and its concentration. Another factor is how you are using them.

If you have the diffuser beads on the go on a bracelet or necklace, the scents may dissipate faster, thus needing refreshment often. On the contrary, if you have them on a stationary place like a tabletop or shelf, they may last a while longer.

Regardless, on the go, they may last an average of about 6 hours and in a fixed location a few weeks, give or take.

Can you Clean your Diffuser Beads?

Yes, you can, and you should.

After a while, the diffuser beads you wear rub against the skin and get coated with body oils and dry skin cells. This can reduce their ability to absorb enough essential oils leading to shorter sillage sessions.

The diffuser beads placed on a fixed location may also get clogged up with tiny dust particles, and they too require cleaning.

To clean them, dip them into a pool of water with a tinge of mild dish soap. You may use a soft brush to scrub the beads gently. After a good wash, air dry the beads, then apply the essential oil of your choice.

Parting Shot

Do diffuser beads work? I bet you did not know they do.

But on the brighter side, now you do.

Diffuser beads are little pieces of heaven that you can carry with you as a beauty accessory or place in your space to adorn and freshen the air. They are a discrete addition that will take up as little space but make significant changes. Get them —you will love them.