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Simply Earth vs. Young Living: Which Brand Is Better?

Simply Earth vs. Young Living: Which Brand Is Better?

There are so many diffuser and essential oil brands out there to choose from. You’re probably studying so many brands out there, trying to find the best brand to put your trust into (and your money!).

So, Simply Earth vs Young Living, which brand comes out on top? We’ve done extensive research on both of these brands to help you narrow it down to the best brand for your needs.

Simply Earth vs Young Living Table

Simply EarthYoung Living
Top Product LineMonthly Subscription “Recipe Box”The Premium Starter Kit
Quality / Materials100% Pure / Plant Material100% Pure / Plant Material
User ExperienceMostly PositiveMixed Reviews
Customer ServiceGreatGood
Safety Label / GuideYesYes

A Detailed Brand Comparison

If you are looking for just the facts you’ve made it to the right section. Below we’ve taken each brand and compared them side-by-side in great detail.

1. The Top Product Line

Both brands offer several product lines to choose from, but which product line is the most popular? Many customers are moving towards kits over an individual product since they can get more products in a smaller all-in-one purchase.

Simply Earth

Simply Earth’s top product is The Recipe Box. It is a monthly subscription that saves you money on essential oil products and provides free shipping.

The Top Product Line - Simply Earth

It is commitment-free which means you can cancel your subscription at any time. The monthly Recipe Box subscription comes at a decent cost and you get a free big bonus box when you first subscribe!

Every monthly Recipe Box comes with:

  • Four essential oils
  • One to four extra ingredients
  • Six themed recipe cards

You receive a Free Big Bonus Box:

  • The first order
  • Every sixth-order/month

And included inside the Bonus Box is:

Each recipe in the Recipe Box is safe and easy to make from home. It’s perfect for people just starting or people who are bored with their current essential oils and want to spice things up with a recipe challenge.

Young Living

Young Living’s top product is The Premium Starter Kit. The Premium Starter Kit is a one-time purchase without needing a subscription.

The Top Product Line - Young Living

Since this starter kit isn’t recurring it does cost more than a subscription. Although it’s pricier, it does come with a nice variety of great products.

The Premium Starter Kit comes with:

For how many items come in this starter kit, no wonder the price is higher. The Premium Starter Kit is all yours when you sign up online to become a Young Living member.

Who Won This Category?

Simply Earth and Young Living have top-of-the-line Starter Kits. This section is a tie!

2. Essential Oil Quality And Material Makeup

Both brands offer high-quality products making them equally competitive brands. What about material makeup?

Simply Earth

Simply Earth offers only the finest 100% pure essential oils in all of their kits and individually packed bottles. They offer you a Simply Pure Promise.

Essential Oil Quality And Material Makeup - Simply Earth

What their promise means to the customer is no artificial fragrance, no fillers, and truthful labeling on all of their bottles. Every batch they make is GC/MS tested for purity and composition.

Every oil is ethically sourced through small farms all over the world. They collect plant oils from whatever location provides the best plant product.

Young Living

When it comes to essential oils and products, the Young Living brand has been at the top of the food chain. They provide customers with 100% pure and high-quality essential oils.

Essential Oil Quality And Material Makeup - Young Living

Young Living is stamped with the Seed to Seal. What this means is they make sure the plant materials are created with conscientious Sourcing, Science, and Standards.

This brand follows a rigorous quality control standard to make sure its products come out exactly as they should. Young Living won’t knowingly add synthetics, contaminants, or cheap fillers.

Who Won This Category?

They both provide high-quality essential oils with great promises of the integrity of their products. This category is tied!

3. User Experiences And Reviews

Most people base their purchases on user experiences and rated reviews. Let’s see what users say about these two brands.

Simply Earth

Users reviewed Simple Earth and came out with an overall positive experience with the brand’s products. People were happy to see their products ship quickly with the ability to track them.

Overall, the reviews were mostly positive.

User Experiences And Reviews - Simply Earth

A handful of users mentioned how much they loved the Recipe Box and the purity of their essential oils.

There were a couple of customers who experienced issues canceling their subscriptions. For most users, canceling their prescription wasn’t a problem.

Young Living

Although many users mention Young Living to be somewhat expensive, they are not disappointed with the outstanding quality of their essential oil products. Multiple users mentioned the effectiveness of their essential oils when it came to sleep assistance.

User Experiences And Reviews - Young Living

Some people would argue the quality is the same as many other brands out there. With Young Living being a highly popular brand some products tend to be out of stock.

Who Won This Category?

Since it was a lot harder to find negative reviews about Simply Earth, they deserve the win in this category.

4. Customer Service And Returns

We all appreciate great customer service when a purchase turns upside down. Returns should be easily done without any hassle.

Simply Earth

Simply Earth is on top of customer service and generally responds to user complaints within a day. Customer service is overall quick and friendly to interact with.

Almost all customer service and returns mentioned by users were positive.

There were a few users who mentioned items missing from boxes.

For the most part, they were able to get the item credited to their account or the item was shipped to them.

Young Living

A majority of customers say the staff is supportive and customer service is wonderful. Some users praised Young Living for its excellent customer service and ability to fix problems quickly.

Young Living’s returns were mixed reviews. Speaking with customer service was easier than getting refunds.

Who Won This Category?

Simply Earth and Young Living tie this category. They both had mixed reviews but they also provided good customer service.

5. Safety Label And Guide

This category is more important for people new to the essential oils world. We want to know the safety of the products we are buying and how to use them.

Safety Label And Guide

Simply Earth

At first, it was somewhat difficult to find articles that mentioned safety on Simply Earth’s website. We were able to find a blog post that wrote about the dangers of ingesting essential oils. Each bottle is manufactured with a safety label and the boxes come with a guide.

Young Living

It’s fairly easy to find essential oil safety and guides on Young Living’s website. Under the Discovery section, it lists both safety and guide. Young Living also manufactures its bottles with safety labels.

Who Won This Category?

Since the safety and guide information was easier to find for Young Living, they win this category.

The Final Tally

The Simply Earth brand’s final tally is 4 out of 5.

The Young Living brand’s final tally is 4 out of 5.

Pros and Cons

Simply Earth Brand
  • Monthly Subscription Recipe Box
  • New Essential Oils And Recipes Sent Every Month
  • High-Quality Essential Oils
  • Simply Pure Promise
  • 100% Pure Plant Essential Oils
  • Great Customer Service
  • Easy Product Returns
  • Don’t Sell Diffusers
  • Boxes Are Pre-Made And Cannot Choose Specific Essential Oils
Young Living Brand
  • Premium Starter Kit
  • A Variety Of Fragrance Oils To Choose From For Their Top Product
  • High-Quality Essential Oils
  • Seed To Seal
  • 100% Pure Plant Essential Oils
  • Great Customer Service
  • More Difficult Product Returns
  • Some Products Tend To Be Out Of Stock Due To Customers Purchasing Frequently

The Takeaway

So to answer the question, Simply Earth vs Young Living, which brand is better? The final tally left us with a tie. We hope this new information can help you with your decision.

Simple Earth offers a monthly recipe box, high-quality oils, great reviews, wonderful customer service, and safety labels and guides. Young Living is a wonderful brand with its Premium Starter Kit, high-quality oils, good reviews, great customer service, and safety labels and guides.

Whether you go with Simple Earth or Young Living, both brands have a lot of great products to offer you. Experience your new brand!

Jennifer Lynn

Friday 28th of October 2022

Actually, I get the monthly subscription box and you can switch your oils out for a fee and they do sell diffusers.

Amanda Milner

Tuesday 17th of May 2022

Hi Emily, I think maybe Simply Earth has changed since this article. They do offer diffusers, and you are able to customize the oils in the subscription box for a small additional fee. Just FYI