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Thunderease vs. Feliway: Which Diffuser Is Better For Calming Your Cat?

Thunderease vs. Feliway: Which Diffuser Is Better For Calming Your Cat?

Cats can be quite nagging, which is normal for them to a certain degree. But sometimes, it may be because of stress and frustration out of any number of things. Various issues such as a visit to the vet, travel, strangers, and the presence of multiple cats may all produce stress in your cats.

Unfortunately, when cats experience stress, they vent out by scratching on your furniture and cushions, howling, hiding, litter box issues, and spraying urine. This behavior also shows when your cat is anxious, and a cat-calming diffuser comes in very handy during these moments.

A mother cat produces pheromones which are chemical compounds that calm her litter during a stressful event. Cats also produce facial pheromones that help them remain calm in the presence of stressors.

Likewise, manufacturers have come up with clever ways to calm cats in the presence of stressors such as tranquilizers and diffusers.

Some diffusers mimic the naturally occurring pheromones to calm your cat. They plug into a power outlet and release synthetic pheromones into the atmosphere. Thunderease makes use of rotating plugs, while Feliway uses conventional plugs.

In this post, we will look at two of the best-selling cat-calming diffusers in the market. We will compare the two products: Thunderease cat-calming diffuser vs. Feliway in terms of price and how they perform at calming your felines at home.

Thunderease Cat-Calming Diffuser Vs. Feliway

The Thunderease and Feliway cat-calming diffusers belong to the same company Ceva Animals Health. Their similarities don’t end there as they contain the same active ingredient. The main difference is that Feliway is more expensive compared to Thunderease. But that should not be your only deciding factor as both are equally effective.

Diffusers use synthetic pheromones as the active ingredient. These mimic the naturally occurring elements produced by cats known to soothe them. The two types of pheromones are; calming pheromones and multi-cat pheromones.

Calming pheromones help a cat to feel safe and secure. When you see your cat rubbing their face against you, they produce these pheromones from their face. As they mark their territory, they get a sense of belonging and familiarity from their surrounding. It is best to use calming diffusers in single cat homes.

Mother cats release multi-cat pheromones to soothe their litter. They help the bond between siblings. When you use multi-cat diffusers in homes with several cats, they make them feel at ease even in the presence of the other cats.

We prefer the Feliway cat-calming diffuser, and the following comparison should show you why.


Thunderease cat-calming diffuser is available in two variants; Thunderease for cats and Thunderease multi-cats. The former should be used in single cat households while the latter is suitable for multi-cat homes. In addition, it also comes in spray form, which is very helpful on the go.

Feliway cat-calming diffuser comes in three variants. The Feliway classic provides comfort for cats continuously. It prevents cats from scratching, spraying, and hiding inappropriately.

The second variant is the Feliway friends/multi-cats diffuser is suitable for homes with multiple cats to reduce aggression. For best results, you should use it continuously.

And finally, we have the Feliscratch, which is excellent at redirecting your cat scratching from your furniture and other household items to the scratching post. Apply the solution to the scratching post, preferably over the sink, and mark three lines before applying.

Wait for five minutes before placing the scratching post near areas where your cat frequently scratches. You can use this product together with Feliway classic, especially if the cat has been scratching your belongings.


The two diffusers cover a similar range of 700square feet. Depending on how large your house is, you may need to get multiple devices or a more powerful diffuser. But if your space is small, or you need the diffuser in one room, a small diffuser will do. Sometimes a cat may only mark one room.



Naturally occurring pheromones do not carry any scent and can only cats detect them. Though some companies add extra scents such as lavender, Thunderease cat-calming diffuser, and Feliway variants are odorless.


Cats will take time before they change their behavior. But once they do, you need to continue the use of the diffuser for continued effectiveness. Both diffusers last for four weeks before you need to refill. The diffuser kit needs changing every six months.


Clinical research is essential when you need to determine the safety and quality of any product, especially if it may affect your pet. Thunderease and Feliway cat-calming diffusers have scientific backing.

They have both undergone rigorous clinical studies to ensure quality and vet recommended.



While the two are relatively priced, Thunderease is way cheaper than Feliway. With such a significant price difference, you may be wondering why to choose Feliway over Thunderease.

After all, they serve the same purpose, both work using pheromones and are made by the same company.

The answer is very simple. Cats are unique, and they respond to things differently. While one may work very well on one cat and receive glowing reviews, another cat might hate it, or it may not have a significant effect as you would wish.

So, if you tried the cheaper Thunderease on your cat, and it did not work, Feliway might do wonders.

Vet Visits and Travelling

These are two of the most stressful but unavoidable situations your cat will often find itself. And it is not just the cat owners, are equally stressed by pet visits or taking car trips with their cats.

Unfortunately, Thunderease and Feliway cat-calming diffusers will not be of much help. Diffusers have to plug into a power outlet for them to work. As a result, it is impossible to use both diffusers on the go.

But the Ceva Animal Health also produces pheromone-based, cat calming sprays. Thunderease and Feliway brands both have spray options. They are a great help to cat owners when faced with pet visits or car trips.

Are They Effective On Other Pets?

In a situation where your household has more than one type of pet, it’s only natural to wonder if the Thunderease and Feliway cat-calming diffusers will affect them in any way. As we earlier said the cat-calming pheromones are only effective on cats.

If you have dogs, you can get the dog calming Thunderease diffuser, which pretty much works the same way but releases dog-specific hormones.

But be assured that they will not harm them in any way. They can be used on cats even when they are not under any stress without any side effects.

Can Thunderease and Feliway Cause Side Effects?

The answer is mainly no. Though, it depends you are talking about side effects in cats alone or other pets and humans.


Thunderease cat-calming diffusers are 100% safe and suitable for all ages, including kittens, without any side effects. They have undergone rigorous testing to ascertain their safety.

Millions of cats throughout the world benefit from using the two cat-calming diffusers. In addition, they are made without any animal products, making them suitable for your vegan lifestyle.

The same goes for Feliway diffusers. They are clinically tried and scientifically proven. They are also suitable for cats of all ages and come highly recommended by vets everywhere.

Other Pets

Dogs will not be affected by cat-calming diffusers. But some caged birds may suffer from inhaling synthetic pheromones due to their sensitive respiratory system. It is best not to use a diffuser in a room with a caged bird.

Other Pets

The same goes for aquarium fish. Any chemical in the air may settle on the water, which is never a good thing. Avoid it at all costs. Don’t plug a diffuser in the same room with an aquarium.


Humans exhibit no response whatsoever to cat-calming pheromones. The production of Feliway products adheres to the standards of European Norms and the International Electrotechnical Commission, further reassuring you of your safety.

Thunderease cat-calming diffusers are also safe for humans.

Take Away

The two diffusers do not claim to work on all cats but 90% of cats. If Thunderease cat-calming diffuser does not work on your cat or cats, try the Feliway diffuser as it may be more effective. The Feliway diffuser is more targeted at specific behaviors in its approach. It is also affordable and highly effective.

But this is not to say that Thunderease is not a worthwhile product; pick it if you are into the vegan lifestyle and prefer rotating plugs over conventional plugs. Remember, cats respond to products differently. What may work for one might not work for another pet owner.

It is important to remember that cat-calming synthetic pheromones are very effective at calming stressed and anxious cats. They are completely safe for cats of all ages and humans as well.