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Do You Know When To Change Wax In Candle Warmer?

Do You Know When To Change Wax In Candle Warmer?

Day by day, candle warmers are rising in popularity. However, despite the rising use of candle warmers in many houses, many individuals are frequently unsure when to replace the wax in the candle warmer.

You should change the wax in the candle warmer if your wax melts are no longer fragrant, you observe unwanted side effects, do not enjoy the candle’s aroma, or if the scent is too strong and affects you.

This post will examine how and when to replace the wax in a candle warmer and what to watch out for to guarantee maximum wax utilization.

When To Change Wax In Candle Warmer?

You can continue to burn your wax in your candle warmer indefinitely, but just like everything else, eventually, a time will come when you will have to change it.

Knowing when to replace your wax melts allows you to enjoy the fragrance without putting your health in danger of letting it go stale. Some of the most prevalent reasons that necessitate a change in wax in your candle warmer are:

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  • If your wax melts are no longer fragrant or do not burn as long as they once did
  • If you observe undesirable side effects, such as the oil’s aroma clinging to your clothes
  • If you do not like the scent of the candle
  • If the scent is too strong and affects you

Remember to remove the previous wax melts before adding new ones. Removing the last wax from the warmer before changing the wax keeps the odors from mixing. Changing the wax melts at the proper time and in the appropriate manner prolongs the life of the wax and ensures there is no wastage.

How Long Should Wax Be Used Before Changing?

Ideally, it would help if you burned your candle melts until the scent diminishes. However, using one cube at a time will result in a total burn time of 8 to 12 hours. If you use more than one cube, you can get a few extra hours.

Regardless, it would help if you always replaced the wax when necessary.

How Should Wax Be Replaced in a Candle Warmer?

Changing the candle warmer’s wax is a straightforward task. Depending on whether the wax is hot or cold, you have two choices for replacing it with a candle warmer.

Follow the instruction below.

How to Change Wax From Wax Warmers - 6 METHODS I Use...

Hot Wax

If your wax has melted and your warmer is on, here are the steps to follow:

STEP 1: Place two cotton balls within the warmer.

STEP 2: Allow the cotton balls to absorb the wax for some time before placing the cotton balls with wax in the trash.

This process is ideal for warmers with plug-in warmers or non-removable covers. Using a paper towel, remove any leftover smudges.

Cool Wax

Changing cold wax is slightly changing as opposed to the melted wax. All you need to do is:

STEP 1: Turn on your wax heater if it is not on and the wax has solidified

STEP 2: Completely melt the wax until it is entirely liquid

STEP 3: As the wax gets heated, you will observe the edges melting rapidly.

The predominantly solid melt will glide out in one piece without difficulty. Once the solid melt is out, you can save it if it still has a scent or discard it.

Use tissue or kitchen paper to absorb the melted wax, then dispose of it properly. Only use this method with considerable caution to absorb the wax gently. It will undoubtedly spill if you attempt to use the soak-up method on an overfilled wax plate.

To prevent injury to your fingers, utilize a scrubber.

Factors Affecting the Period A Candle Wax Lasts

A few factors that contribute to how long your candle wax serves you include:

Candle Warmer

Using a suitable burner for the wax melts you utilize is essential, as this can affect how long they last. Wax will melt more slowly and evenly in a warmer with a larger surface area. Consequently, the odor will stay longer.

Fragrance Oil

Factors Affecting the Period A Candle Wax Lasts

The fragrance oil used to manufacture your candle wax may affect its durability. If you use an inexpensive fragrance oil, the oil may burn before the candle wax melts, which means the wax may not serve you well.

In the end, you will need to change your candle every so often. Similarly, if you use high-quality candle wax, the wax may serve you longer than you anticipate, and you may find yourself changing the wax solely because you want something new.

The Ratio of Oil to Wax

Using the proper oil-to-wax ratio will increase the durability of your wax melts and lessen the frequency you need to change it, which saves you money in the long run.

It is best to begin with the manufacturer’s suggested ratio as indicated on the packaging. As you gain experience, you can adjust the mixture.

Storage Alternatives

The alternatives for storing your wax melts are another aspect that affects their durability. In addition to avoiding direct sunlight, which can hasten the scent’s deterioration and need a change in wax melts, the temperature can also affect the product’s quality. Your wax melts will last longer if stored in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Your candle wax should not be under direct sunlight because it may impact the fragrance or perfume. It may affect both the strength and duration of the scent each time it melts.

Partying Shot

By following the instructions above, rest assured that your candle wax will last you a long time and remain safe while changing the wax. Additionally, remember that the quality of the wax you invest in has a significant impact on when to change your wax.

The higher the quality of the wax, the longer your candle will burn, and ultimately, the more compliments you will get from guests visiting your household.