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Young Living vs. Now Review

Young Living vs. Now Review

Young Living vs Now: which essential oil is truly the better one? There’s so much to think about when it comes to reviewing essential oils.

Don’t sweat it. Let’s break this down together!

Young Living vs Now Essential Oils

Young LivingNOW
Top Product LineEssential Oil Singles (lavender)Pure Essential Oils (lavender)
Quality / Materials100% Pure / Plant Material100% Pure / Plant Material
User ExperienceMixedMixed
Customer ServiceGoodDecent
Safety Label / GuideYesYes

The Grand Brand Review

Young Living and NOW are both well-known brands in the essential oil community. But which one comes out on top?

Now that we listed some great things to compare, let’s go into more detail. The 5 features above will be broken down into more detail to help you decide which brand is right for you.

  • The Top Product Line

Unsurprisingly, Young Living and NOW essential oils’ top product line is their plain old regular jane! The organic and the essential oil blend product lines don’t even come close in comparison!

The Top Product Line

On Amazon’s Best Sellers, Lavender is the most popular scent bought for both Young Living and NOW essential oils. Lavender is very popular in other brands too, such as NaturoBliss and Healing Solutions.

Young Living

Young Living’s top-selling product line is the essential oil singles. Young Living’s lavender essential oil ranked 84th out of 100 on Amazon’s best-seller list.

This is good, but Amazon reviewers still ended up writing more negative 1-star reviews on Young Living’s lavender vs NOW’s lavender. This is probably why Young Living’s top product line ranks lower than Now’s top product line for essential oils.

The top-rated Young Living essential oils by customers on Amazon are Lavender, Frankincense, and Lemongrass.


NOW’s top-selling product line is pure essential oils. NOW’s pure lavender essential oil made 45th place out of 100 on Amazon’s best-seller list.

Although these product lines aren’t listed as #1, they still made it to the top 100 best-sellers of essential oils on Amazon. That’s still a humongous accomplishment!

The top-rated NOW essential oils by customers on Amazon are Lavender, Spearmint, and Marjoram (this one is best for the ladies).

The Verdict

Basing the top product lines on the top scent, lavender, NOW’s pure essential oil appears to be the better top product. NOW wins this category.

  • Essential Oil Quality and Material Makeup

Let’s make this easier to follow. Since lavender is the top essential oil in the top product lines of both Young Living and NOW, we will continue to use lavender for the product comparison.

Essential Oil Quality and Material Makeup

Young Living

Young Living lists lavender’s Latin name (Lavandula angustifolia) and claims to be one hundred percent pure essential oil steam distilled from flowering tops. They also mention naturally occurring components in lavender: linalyl, acetate, linalool, and ocimene.

Young Living

To put this simply, those strange component names just mean Young Living’s lavender essential oil is natural unaltered flower juice. It’s just the natural chemical found in the flower itself.

This brand’s quality is sealed with Seed to Seal, a quality commitment. Young Living promises their products are free from synthetics and the highest of quality.


NOW lists lavender’s Latin name as well and claims to be one hundred percent pure essential oil steam distilled from flowering tops. They are committed to providing the purest and most potent natural essential oils available.

They continue to upgrade their testing laboratories with the latest technology to accurately assess the quality in the different types of essential oils. The NOW brand never tests their oils on animals.


This brand is Halal-certified. Halal-certified products are products that are processed in a super-duper clean way.

The Verdict

The materials used to make Young Living and NOW’s lavender are remarkably similar and practically identical. Both brands are high quality and therefore, it’s a tie.

  • User Experiences and Reviews

Here is where the fun happens! User reviews normally make or break a product.

User Experiences and Reviews

Young Living

The 5-star reviewers said they “love this stuff” and it’s “good for stress.” Another reviewer said Young Living’s lavender essential oil is calming, subtle, and yummy!

According to one extremely upset Amazon reviewer, Young Living doesn’t sell their essential oils on Amazon because of quality control reasons. So, if you do plan to buy the Young Living brand, stick to in-store purchases only.

On the What to Expect Forum group, there were mixed reviews on Young Living. A handful of people complained about the price while others preferred Young Living because it was better quality.


A 5-star reviewer said NOW is a “high-quality oil without the price tag” and is a trusted brand in her home. A separate reviewer writes NOW has been her go-to brand for years.

One Amazon reviewer downright wrote “lost a customer.” She also said the essential oil she ordered from NOW was rancid with little smell.

The people on Basenotes Forum felt NOW was a cheap brand for a reason and the scents came off harsh. Someone else made a comment that they believe NOW is a pure brand and the problem is human error, not the product itself.

The Verdict

Every person has their own opinions on different brands and products. Since the user reviews are a mix of positive and negative, the two brands are tied.

  • Customer Service and Returns

Customer service is always something to harp on. When you get a cruddy product, you should be able to return it hassle-free.

Just like user reviews, customer service can either create a life-long customer or a lost customer for good.

Customer Service and Returns

Young Living

According to one Amazon review, this person was able to return a product and get her money back. Another reviewer said the product she bought was non-refundable.

When you go to Young Living’s website, it’s somewhat difficult to figure out where the customer service and return information is located. You need to click on Company, and then Contact us, and then you will find customer service under the email support heading.

When it comes to customer service, you want to be able to contact a company with ease. Young Living’s website is extremely wordy and more difficult to work with.


One customer mentioned he was glad Amazon had a great return policy so he could buy the product in another brand. This woman said the bottle she received was “off,” and the company quickly mailed out a new bottle to her before they received the original bottle she purchased.

Another woman was terribly upset with NOW’s customer service. She said she called and emailed NOW, and the personal care manager ignored her emails.

NOW is a lot easier to navigate and find customer service and returns. All you do is scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the hyperlink, shipments payments, and returns.

The Verdict

Young Living and NOW essential oils have good and bad qualities. The same goes for reviews on customer service.

The Verdict

On one hand, Young Living seems to give better responses but their actual website to find customer service is complicated. On the other hand, NOW seems to give worse responses (or none), but their actual website is easy-peasy to interact with.

Young Living has a better customer service response, and for that reason, Young Living takes the cake on this section.

  • Safety Label and Guide

All good essential oil brands come with a safety label. If there isn’t a safety label on the bottle, then there better be one on their website.

Safety Label and Guide

Young Living

This brand does have an easy access safety page on their website. They have a descriptive page about safety guidelines on their products tab.

Their Essential Oil Safety Guide lists a bunch of Frequently Asked Questions. Young Living does a fabulous job of breaking down safety for newbies.


NOW has a Quality and Safety tab to easily access safety questions. What’s fascinating about their safety page is how they add photos and links for separate safety questions.

Some of their safety hyperlink questions consist of essential oil safety for kids, food-grade essential oil, essential oil frequently asked questions, and use of essential oils around dogs and cats. Isn’t that neat?!

The Verdict

Whether you are using Young Living or NOW as your essential oil brand, both are highly potent and can be poisonous if used incorrectly. Since both brands have safety labels and a safety page on their website, they tie this section!

The Score

The Score

The Young Living essential oil brand is 4 out of 5.

The NOW essential oil brand is 4 out of 5.

Pros and Cons

Young Living Essential Oil Brand
  • Lavender is the best-selling scent
  • The Latin name is listed
  • Lavender scent ranks top 100 best seller on Amazon
  • 100% pure essential oil
  • Material makeup listed
  • High quality
  • Free from synthetics
  • Users experienced love and stress relief
  • Calming, subtle, and yummy scents
  • Better quality compared to other brands like doTERRA
  • One customer able to return the product
  • The bottle  comes with a safety label
  • Easy access to the safety page on the website
  • Possible fraudulent sales of this brand on Amazon per reviewer
  • In-store purchase only due to possible fraud online
  • Expensive pricing
  • One customer stated un-refundable product
  • Customer information online is more difficult to find
  • Highly potent and poisonous if used incorrectly
NOW Essential Oil Brand
  • Lavender is the best-selling scent
  • The Latin name is listed
  • Lavender scent ranks top 100 best seller on Amazon
  • 100% pure essential oil
  • Material makeup listed
  • Purest form
  • Most potent and natural essential oil available
  • Continuous upgrades of laboratories for improved testing
  • High-quality oil without the price tag
  • Amazon has a great return policy
  • Customer service page easy to navigate and find
  • The bottle comes with a safety label
  • Easy access to the safety page on the website
  • Online purchase, the essential oil was rancid with little smell
  • Cheap and harsh essential oil smells
  • Personal care managers ignore emails
  • Highly potent and poisonous if used incorrectly

To Conclude

To Conclude

Will you look at that! Young Living vs NOW, it’s a tie!

Both Young Living and NOW have amazing top product lines. The pure and all-natural form is the way to go with these brands!

The brands were made very similarly. The one hundred percent pure label and wonderful quality checks in place, make them equal competitors in this race.

User experiences and reviews were mixed. Everyone has their own cup of tea!

The Young Living essential oil brand has more weight in the customer service area. The NOW essential oil brand is more of a mix of good and bad customer service.

Safety is the utmost priority for both brands. Young Living and NOW has extensive safety labeling on their products and on their websites.

There are pluses and minuses to think about when purchasing from either of these brands. It’s like that saying in life, everything is a little bit of give and take.

Now you have the information you need. Go discover which brand is for you!