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Young Living vs Doterra: A Detailed Comparison Chart

Young Living and doTERRA are two of the more well-known essential oil brands out there. What do both essential oil brands offer? And which brand is the better brand for you?

Here we will give you the most detailed Young Living vs doTERRA comparison chart that you’ll find on the internet. Both brands are amazing and we want to help you decide which brand is for you.

Young Living vs Doterra Comparison Chart

Young LivingdoTERRA
Mission & Values
  • Mission = Enhance and empower lives sharing essential oil benefits
  • Values = Healthy world, healthy home, members first
  • Mission = Highest quality and beneficial essential oils worldwide
  • Values = “Gift of the Earth”, wellness, healing, hope
Ideal CustomerPeople searching for peace of mind in pure, authentic, natural, and quality standardsPeople looking for natural, safe, pure, and non-synthetic oils
Types of Products Offered
Top Product Lines
Best-selling Diffusers
Best-selling Essential Oils
Quality & Materials
User ExperienceMixed reviewsMixed reviews
Customer ServiceGoodGood
SafetySafe to useSafe to use
AffordabilityLow to medium pricesLow to medium prices

Most Detailed Brand Comparison Yet

With this wonderful comparison chart, we can now dive into even more detail between the Young Living and doTERRA brands. Here we go!

1. Mission & Values

We want to invest in a brand that aligns with our core values. Here is Young Living’s and doTERRA’s mission and values.

Chains of bead diffusers

Young Living

Young Living

Young Living’s mission is about enhancing and empowering lives through essential oil benefits they share with their customers. They value a healthier green world and home, putting their members first.



DoTERRA’s mission is focused on the highest quality with the most beneficial ingredients found in essential oils. They value human wellness, healing benefits, and hope.

2. Ideal Customer

A lot of people base their decision on what types of customers shop for that brand. Both brands are similar in this section.

Young Living

This brand focuses on people looking for peace of mind on pure and trustworthy products. Young Living delivers natural, authentic, and quality standard products, making them a wonderful brand for anyone zeroed in on their health.


This brand focuses on people searching for confidence in their products to be pure, natural, and free of non-synthetics. DoTERRA truly zones into safety protocols to rest any concerns you may hold about your health.

3. Types of Products Offered

Types of Products Offered

Some of us are looking for a one-stop shop, while others are needing a specific type of product. Luckily, both brands offer numerous products and they all are worth purchasing.

Young Living

Young Living sells diffusers, essential oils, personal care items, health & fitness products, topicals, collections, and accessories. Their biggest focus is on essential oils, essential oil blends, and the Thieves product line.


DoTERRA sells diffusers, essential oils, personal care items, supplements, kits, collections, and accessories. Their main focus is on essential oils, proprietary blends, and the On Guard product line.

4. Top Product Lines

There is a good reason why top product lines are “top” product lines. People enjoy the products, purchase them more frequently, and websites list them as best-sellers.

Young Living

Young Living’s top product lines are single oils and Thieves. People frequently buy essential oils online separately because normally, they run out of one bottle at a time. Sometimes buying them in a kit will cause you to have duplicate oils.

The Thieves product line offers customers a list of wonderful cleaning supplies. Here’s a list of the products in Thieves product line:


DoTERRA’s top product lines are single oils and On Guard. Interestingly enough, both Thieves and On Guard are cleaning product lines.

The On Guard product line offers several highly efficient cleaning supplies too. Here’s a list of On Guard’s products:

5. Best-selling Diffusers

All of Young Living’s and doTERRA’s diffusers are top of the line. To speed up read time, we’ve given you their top two best-selling diffusers.

Young Living

The best-selling diffusers from Young Living are the Dewdrop diffuser and the Desert Mist diffuser.

These two are so popular that we’ve posted a comparison article! Check out the comparison chart article here.


The best-selling diffusers from doTERRA are the Petal diffuser and the Roam diffuser. Check out our extensive doTERRA Petal Diffuser review article.

DoTERRA’s Roam diffuser is one of the top diffusers because of its built-in rechargeable battery and charging dock. The colorful ground stone polish and portability are a humongous selling point!

6. Best-selling Essential Oils

There are so many essential oil fragrances offered by both of these top-notch brands. A couple of the scents offered are considered the best-sellers for both brands!

Young Living

Young Living’s best-selling essential oils are Thieves blend, Deep Relief roll-on blend, lavender, lemon, and peppermint. The Thieves blend is a spicy cinnamon scent and the Deep Relief is minty and soothes sore muscles.


DoTERRA’s best-selling essential oils are On Guard protective blend, Breathe respiratory blend, lavender, lemon, and peppermint. The On Guard protective blend is a warm woody scent and the Breathe respiratory blend is minty and improves sleep quality.

7. Quality & Materials

Any time you take something into your body, whether through inhalation or absorption, you want that product to be made of high-quality and pure materials. Both brands don’t sell you short on these traits.

Young Living

Young Living offers high-quality through their Seed to Seal standards program. Their Seed to Seal standard consists of three pillars – Sourcing, Science, and Standards.


DoTERRA offers high-quality through their CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade protocol. Check out our detailed 8-step breakdown of the CPTG at doTERRA.

Both brands collect their ingredients from the highest quality farms across the world. They are both dedicated to providing you healthy products.

8. User Experience

We base our purchases on positive reviews. Both brands have mixed reviews, but they are mostly sunny user experiences.

User Experience

Young Living

Users love the thought of creating their own cleaning supplies with Young Living’s help. People appreciate how Young Living’s oils help them and their families sleep soundly.

In general, customers love Young Living’s products but they do mention their costs being more pricey. Though, people feel they get great quality for the price they pay.


People are overjoyed about the health benefits, specifically for sleep, that doTERRA offers in their essential oils. Users also mention other health benefits to help with high blood pressure, respiratory problems, and pregnancy issues.

In general, customers believe Young Living has slightly better quality. Though, doTERRA still is a favorite in many customer’s hearts.

9. Customer Service

Customer service can be a hit or miss nowadays. We all appreciate a great customer service representative.

Young Living

Customer service for Young Living is considered good. You can find both positive and negative experiences with customer service, but most of them come out on the brighter side.


DoTERRA’s customer service is labeled good. You can find a bad apple ever so often, but most customer service representatives give you a good experience.

10. Safety


Whether you are using a brand’s products on yourself or a loved one, safety is everyone’s concern. Young Living and doTERRA both offer safe to use products.

Young Living

Since Young Living is committed to their Seed to Seal quality standards, their inventors are held to higher standards. Their products are tested numerous times to make sure they are safe for their customers to use.


The CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade protocol requires all of doTERRA’s products to go through a rigorous examination before sending their products out. They also do third-party testing to guarantee transparency.

11. Affordability

We want great quality but we also don’t want to break the bank doing so. Whose with me?

Young Living

Depending on the product you purchase, some of Young Living’s products can be considered cheaper while others are more pricey. Their Cedarwood is cheaper and their roll-on essential oils are pricier.


DoTERRA’s product affordability is between the low and medium range. Their wild orange essential oil is cheaper and their Breathe respiratory blend is pricier.

In Terms of Essential Oil Brands

You can’t go wrong with either. The Young Living vs doTERRA comparison chart proves that both brands are excellent choices.

Now it’s your turn to decide. Do you choose Young Living or doTERRA?

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