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Are Expensive Essential Oils Worth It?

Are Expensive Essential Oils Worth It?

We’re always searching for the cheapest essential oils with the best quality. At one point though, you’ve probably caught yourself asking, “Are expensive essential oils worth it?”

The answer is yes! Let’s go over several pros and cons of buying expensive essential oils versus cheap essential oils.

Expensive Essential Oils vs Cheap Essential Oils

Expensive Essential OilsCheap Essential Oils
  • Higher Quality
  • More Potent
  • Stronger Scented
  • Lasts Longer
  • For Intermediate And Expert Users
  • More Likely To Receive 100% Pure
  • Distilled From Organic Crops To Meet Specific Requirements
  • More Costly To Grow And Harvest Specific Botanical Plants
  • Extraction Methods Cost More
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Adulterated And Diluted
  • Weaker Scented
  • Finishes Sooner
  • For Beginner And Intermediate Users
  • More Likely To Receive Imitation
  • Grown Conventionally Without Specific Requirements
  • Cheaper To Grow And Harvest Bulk Botanical Plants
  • Distilled Methods Cost Less

Why You Should Buy Expensive Essential Oils

There are many reasons why expensive essential oils are worth it. Below we’ll dive into reasons you should buy expensive essential oils over cheaper essential oils.

1. Higher Quality

Some would argue that you can find high-quality essential oils expensive or cheap – This argument is true. Different essential oil brands charge more for their essential oils than other brands.

Higher Quality

Sometimes you pay a little bit more for the brand name itself. Though most times, when an essential oil is more expensive than another essential oil, it’s for reasons listed in the chart above.

2. More Potent

Expensive essential oils are made through a different process than cheaper essential oils. They aren’t mixed, adulterated, or diluted with another solution like water, alcohol, or carrier oil, which lowers its potency.

Potency can be a good or bad quality depending on what you’re looking for in essential oil. Potent essential oils may not be ideal for a beginner.

If you’re knowledgeable in essential oils and have used them daily for many years, you probably know the correct amount of oil you should be using. Opting for more potent and expensive oils is more common in those who’ve used essential oils longer.

3. Stronger Scented

As you may have guessed already, more potency leads to a stronger scented oil. The less you dilute plant oil, the stronger the fragrance.

Stronger Scented

People enjoy smelling stronger scents from their diffusers. Ultrasonic diffusers already require adding water which will only further dilute your essential oil, which is why people buy more expensive essential oils.

4. Lasts Longer

More expensive essential oils last longer because they are more potent and aren’t watered down. This means you don’t need to use as much to get the desired scent you’re wanting.

5. For Intermediate and Expert Users

A big reason beginner users don’t normally buy expensive essential oils is because they are learning and experimenting with them. They don’t want to waste essential oil and they aren’t quite sure how often they will be using it yet.

As intermediate and expert users, they should feel more comfortable buying more expensive essential oils. They know they will use them and enjoy their rare and unique fragrances.

6. More Likely To Receive 100% Pure

We all wish we could trust what’s written on an essential oil bottle label, but that’s not always the case. Companies have the choice to label their bottles 100% pure essential oils, therapeutic grade, or 100% natural fragrance.

More Likely To Receive 100% Pure

Just to let you in on a little secret, there’s no such thing as a therapeutic grade. Check out our article, “10 Ways To Test Purity Of Essential Oils At Home.”

7. Distilled From Organic Crops To Meet Specific Requirements

Anytime you buy organic, whether it’s fruit at a grocery store or essential oils from a health store, it’s going to be more expensive. Organic labels require more testing or specific requirements which ultimately makes them cost more.

People normally buy more expensive organic essential oils because they are safer and have undergone more testing than conventional grown essential oils. Organic oils are ultimately supposed to deliver the consumer a better product.

8. More Costly To Grow And Harvest Specific Botanical Plants

Depending on the type of plant that’s being grown and harvested, it can cost a lot more because the supply is low or the plant oil is in high demand. It may also take more people to harvest a plant by hand than other plants that can be processed in bulk.

A perfect example of this is Jasmine blossoms. Jasmine blossoms need to be hand-picked to make Jasmine absolute essential oil.

9. Extraction Methods Cost More

There are a handful of methods used when turning botanical plant material into your beautifully scented essential oils. The extraction method just so happens to be a more expensive method than for example, the distilled method.

Extraction Methods Cost More

Learn more about the different types of essential oil extraction methods by reading our article, “How To Extract Essential Oils From Plants.”

Reasons To Buy Cheap Essential Oils

There are many reasons why the cheaper route is sometimes a better option for you. Go through our reasons to understand the differences between expensive and cheap oils.

1. Budget-Friendly

Cheaper essential oils are more budget-friendly. If your wallet is feeling thin most days, then cheaper essential oils can be bought at a fraction of the cost.

2. Adulterated And Diluted

Some of the cheaper essential oils come adulterated and diluted. That’s not always a bad feature to have though.

If you’re planning to dilute your essential oils anyways, why not subtract a step and buy an essential oil that’s already mixed with a carrier oil? Some people prefer pre-diluted essential oils in carrier oil so all they have to do is buy it and use it on their skin.

For example, Eden’s Garden offers a pre-diluted ready-to-use Guardian Synergy Blend you can place directly on your skin as soon as you buy it. Pre-mixed oils are sometimes easier and quicker to use instead of making them yourself.

3. Weaker Scented

Cheaper essential oils can be diluted in other solutions making the scent weaker. Sometimes stronger scents give people headaches, so they opt for weaker scents.

4. Finishes Sooner

Since cheaper essential oils do come in pre-diluted forms, you’re most likely going to use them up quicker than you would with expensive essential oil. This is especially true if you buy an essential oil blend in a carrier oil.

5. For Beginner And Intermediate Users

There’s no shame in being a newbie with essential oils – we’ve all been here (seriously!). Cheaper essentials are used more often by beginners and intermediate users as they are less potent and diluted making them safer.

For Beginner And Intermediate Users

Beginners are unsure if they’ll stick to this new way of life and feel spending a lot of money on essential oils may be wasted. As a newbie, it’s smarter to buy a handful of cheaper essential oils to start your journey off.

6. More Likely To Receive Imitation

You can find some great cheap essential oils that are pure, but be careful you don’t accidentally buy an imitation essential oil. Read the label and see if it says pure essential oil or natural essential oil fragrance.

Fragrance labeling is an imitation of true pure essential oil. Imitation fragrances can smell stronger than the real deal, and sometimes nicer. Cheap imitation fragrance oils are a great alternative if you’re sensitive to 100% pure essential plant oil.

7. Grown Conventionally Without Specific Requirements

Non-organic essential oils are still great purchases, they just don’t have as much rigorous testing and requirements as organic essential oils need. Non-organic or organic, you decide which one better suits your lifestyle.

8. Cheaper To Grow And Harvest Bulk Botanical Plants

Lavender and Clary Sage essential oil are a lot easier to grow and harvest compared to harvesting and growing Jasmine and Rose essential oil. You can find lavender flowers at the store or in your neighbors front yard, jasmine, not so much.

Lavender Essential Oils

There’s nothing wrong with buying a lavender essential oil made in bulk. They’re still one of the most popular essential oils sold and it smells amazing!

9. Distilled Methods Cost Less

The distilled method is the most traditional and commonly used essential oil extraction method used today. It’s also the cheapest method to use.

No wonder most essential oils are extracted this way! Find out more about the distillation method in our article, “How To Extract Essential Oils From Plants.”

List Of Expensive Essential Oils To Try

Here is a hefty list of some of the greatest expensive essential oils that won’t leave you disappointed:

All Things Considered…

Expensive oils cost more money upfront, are more potent, but you use less making them last longer. Cheaper oils cost less money upfront, are more diluted, but you use them faster. In the end, the two even out.

Are expensive essential oils worth it? The answer is yes, so feel comfortable that your hard-earned money is going towards a rich product!