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Is Reed Diffuser the Same as Incense? Let’s Find Out

Is Reed Diffuser the Same as Incense? Let’s Find Out

We all find comfort in pleasant smells, and when your home has a nice aroma 24/7, you feel warm and comfortable.

Some people even dread the thought of leaving the comfort of their homes.

There are several ways you can fill your home with beautiful fragrances.

You can use a reed diffuser, incense sticks, air fresheners, or scented candles.

These methods are all different, and in this guide, we try to answer if a Reed Diffuser is the same as Incense.

But first, we have to understand the two items, a Reed Diffuser and Incense, their benefits and cons, and how they differ from each other.

What is Reed Diffuser?

A Reed Diffuser is a glass bottle filled with essential oils, and reeds are inserted in the glass to soak up the scent and emit it into the air in your home.

It is the best method to add beautiful fragrances to your home because you do not need heat.

The scent is dispersed into the air naturally.

This means you will have no fear of soot in your house and no risk of encountering fire incidents.

This makes reed diffusers the best choice, especially if you have kids running around the house.

What Does a Reed Diffuser Consist Of?

What is Reed Diffuser?

Glass Jar

A Reed Diffuser consists of a decorative glass jar to enhance your home’s aesthetic.

The Diffuser Fragrance

This is usually the essential oils soaked up and released into the atmosphere. There are many essential oils, and people use them according to preference or if they are also looking to derive the benefits of aromatherapy.

Diffuser Base Fluid

This is the liquid you mix with your fragrance, making it easier for the essential oil to soak into the reeds.

Fragrance Sticks

They are also referred to as reeds, soaking up the oil in the diffuser.

The reeds are high quality and have channels running through their entire length to suck and bring it to the top part of the reed.

Then release the scent into the air in a consistent manner that leaves your room smelling fantastic for a long time.

Benefits of Reed Diffuser

What are the Benefits of a Reed Diffuser?

Awesome Fragrant

Adding a Reed Diffuser in your home is an excellent way to have your home smelling nice 24/7.

Does Not Use Heat

They do not require heat, making them the perfect and easiest method of bringing beautiful fragrances to your home.

On top of that, you don’t have to be afraid of soot staining your home, cleaning up ashes, or a fire accident.

Best for Office and Libraries

If you want to keep your home office or library from smelling of books, use a reed diffuser. You can place it on the shelves, which will leave your books smelling nice, and you won’t have a fear of them catching fire.


Unlike Incense which you have to keep changing since a stick cannot last for 24 hours, reed diffusers can last for several months because the reeds absorb the oil, which is broken into small particles and released into the air.

This makes a Reed Diffuser the best method of getting a consistent, long-lasting fragrance.

You enhance the Scent.

You enhance the Scent

You can enhance the scent intensity by increasing the number of reeds in the diffuser or flipping the reeds upside down. This ensures that more into the air giving your home a stronger scent.

Easy to Travel With

If you are going on a vacation or traveling for business for months, you will be happy to come to a lovely swelling home, and since Incense cannot last long, it’s best to use a reed diffuser.

You can place one in your living room and another in your bedroom.

Unlike Incense, you can leave a Reed Diffuser unattended.

Best for People with Respiratory Problems

And if you have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues, you don’t have to worry about smoke or aerosols. This is because reed diffusers do not have chemicals.

Instead, they help manage your issues since most essential oils are aromatherapy, which can help with your allergies.


You do not have to discard off your Reed Diffuser after it is used up. You can refill it with the same oil and use the same reeds.

But if they are not diffusing off the fragrance, it’s best to replace them because they may be clogged up.

What are the Cons of Using a Reed Diffuser?

If you want your home to start smelling wonderful instantly, a Reed Diffuser is not your best option because the reed will take time to absorb and emit the beautiful fragrances in the air.

And it will take time before all the air in your home is covered.

When you want to change the scent of your home daily, a Reed Diffuser is not the best because just as it takes longer to penetrate all the air in your house, it takes much longer for the air to be pure.

And you wouldn’t want to put two diffusers with different essential oils as it brings out an unpleasant scent.

You cannot recycle the reeds to use with a different essential oil. They will end up releasing unpleasant scents.

What is Incense?

What is Incense?

Incense is a traditional method of adding scent to space and has been used for centuries. It involves the burning of an incense stick to produce beautiful aromas.

Several years back, people made incense sticks from barks, seeds, resins, flowers, or roots bound together using wood or charcoal powder to form a particular shape.

Traditionally, people used Incense for religious, spiritual, and cultural reasons.

Today Incense is made using artificial and organic fragrances, and apart from religious, cultural, and spiritual reasons, they are also used to add fantastic scents to our homes.

Some also use them in meditation and aromatherapy. Some of the familiar scents in the market today include cinnamon, musk, sandalwood, and patchouli.

Types of Incense

If you want to burn Incense, you must understand that there are two types of Incense. These include:

1. Directly Burning Incense

This involves directly applying the heat source to incense, followed by a glowing ember that slowly burns the incense while releasing the scented smoke. The directly burning incense comes in different forms.


This is a type of incense made from a mixture of powders and essential oil.

They are best used in yoga and meditation, releasing a powerful scent that covers the whole room.

But burning cone incense is not as easy as sticking incense because you will need to follow specific steps and ensure that you have a cone handle to collect the ash when it burns.

To improve the airflow and reduce heat conduction on the burner base, you can place sand at the bottom of the handle. Also, ensure to place it on a non-flammable surface.


This is made from incense materials, and they do not have any type of stick in the middle. It’s shaped to form a spiral, and it is not very long to prevent breakage.

Incense Stick

This is the most common incense and is made of bamboo sticks, sawdust, and essential oil. They are still used in certain countries such as China, India, and Japan. They burn for a short time, and then they are gone.


The incense is made of powder, and it is added to a bowl. It is then lit, and the material burns slowly, giving off a strong aroma. It’s common in the Muslim culture, and it is referred to as “udi.”

2. Indirectly Burning Incense

Indirect burning incense has a loose resin that requires a separate heat source to keep the material burning. This type of incense is used in a modern-day setting. These types of incense include Myrrh and Powdered Incense.

Benefits of Incense

What are the Benefits of Incense?

Depending on the type of incense you burn, you will derive different benefits. So make sure to research what incense scent does to your well-being. The most common scents include Frankincense, Patchouli, Amber, Sandalwood, Cedar, and Sage. Let’s look at their benefits:

Calm and Peace

If you want to feel a sense of calm and peace amidst all the chaos that the COVID-19 pandemic brought, you can burn Frankincense and Myrrh types of incense.


Some like to go deep into the forest and connect with nature when they need to relax. However, we are not all lucky to have a place to walk and connect with nature.

So it’s best to burn Sandalwood incense as it promotes a sense of well-being by relaxing you with a woody, sweet, and striking aroma that wraps around your mind and brings you peace and happiness.

  • Burning incense also helps relieve stress, promote better sleep, and uplift your mood.
  • It makes your house smell wonderful.
  • It eliminates the negative energy in your home.

What are the Cons of Using Incense?

  • The major con of using incense is the smoke. People with allergies or respiratory problems cannot use incense because the smoke can irritate and inflame their lungs, especially if the incense is of low quality.
  • Increases chances of fire accidents
  • You have to clean the ash after it burns out.

Is a Reed Diffuser the Same as Incense?

No. They are two different methods used to add beautiful fragrances to a home.

Is a Reed Diffuser the Same as Incense?

Reed Diffuser


It does not require heat to produce fragranceRequires a heat source to create a fragrance
A reed diffuser stays longerYou can change it daily since it’s just replacing the burning material
It lasts for a one-3 month, depending on the quantityIt cannot last for a day
Used for aromatherapy and home fragranceIt is used for cultural, religious, spiritual, aromatherapy, and home fragrance.

Final Thoughts

If you want your home to smell lovely 24/7, you can use a Reed Diffuser or incense.

However, keep in mind that each method has its pros and cons.

We have gone into detail on the differences between the two, so make sure to choose the one that fits your needs.

Have you ever used a Reed Diffuser or incense? Would you please share your experience and questions in the comment section?