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Nature’s Truth Essential Oils Review

Nature’s Truth Essential Oils Review

One look at Nature’s Truth website will have you teeming with admiration and awe. Nature’s Truth is a health and wellness enterprise. And they have meticulously organized their site with informative yet appealing imagery and wordings.

In their line-up, every item is formulated to bring out only the best out of healthy living and wellness. Here are nature’s truth essential oil reviews to help you make a better decision next time you go shopping for essential oils.

Nature’s Truth Mission

Each essential oil is a purely plant-based product that offers premium aromatherapy experiences.

Like their name, they use nature as the source and offer only true nature’s gifts in making their products.

a field of lavender

The essential oils have been well-calibrated to help people with diverse conditions like headaches, anxiety, and muscle aches.

Their mission is to provide their clients with a happier and healthier life.


Nature’s Truth has been in business for the past forty years, offering its clients the finest wellness and self-care products.

Examples are multi-vitamins, topical skin creams, hemp products, and so much more.

The founders are innovators that root from three generations. Their products aim at helping everyone become a better version of themselves.


Every item in Nature’s Truth catalog is based on thorough research and formulated using only natural and ethically obtained ingredients. Under their business umbrella, they have quite an array of products that have grown over the years.

The items have come a long way and have advanced at every stage, from extraction to delivery. They use natural sources exclusively in making their products. And they are backed with expert research and seasoned leadership that offers nothing but premium products.

Nature’s Truth fragrant oils are pure extracts from sufficient natural sources like flowers, barks, herbs, spices, and fruits. The essential oils from Nature’s Truth are purely plant-based, with zero GMO ingredients.

They are also gluten-free, paraben-free, artificial fragrance-free, and are all GC and MS tested for purity. They are also all certified and FDA-approved.

Who is the Ideal Nature’s Truth Client?

Natures Truth Aromatherapy Essential Eucalyptus

If you have any of the below issues, then you qualify as a Nature Truth client.

  • Trouble focusing.
  • Insomnia.
  • Anxiety.
  • Muscle aches.
  • Headaches and migraines.

Nature’s truth essential oils can help sort out any of the above problems and beyond. And this includes helping out newbies and pros alike.

Product Lines and Their Features

five oil bottles with oranges, leaf, lavender

Now, this is the section that we cover everything that Nature’s Truth makes in line with essential oils. Nature’s Truth has an extensive collection of products under its wing, but today, we focus on only anything essential oil-related. As such, here is a list of what they have:

  • Essential oils; packaged in singles, blends.
  • Roll-ons.
  • Base carrier oils.
  • Oil mists.
  • Diffusers.

Let’s start with the essential oils.

Nature’s Truth Essential Oils

two essential oil bottles with leaves

Nature’s Truth essential oils come as singles or blends. Every bottle in both categories is packaged in 15ml bottles. The branding is delightful, with the brand name majestically plastered on the round paper sticker on every bottle.

The color scheme of the packaging is diverse and is reflective of the after-effect of the essential oil. For instance, the Pure Bergamot has a green packaging as its expected result is purification, and the Pure Cinnamon is earthy orange since its effect is warming.

Therefore, here is a list of the 15ml single essential oils, categorized by the packaging’s impact and color.

Nature’s Truth 15ml single essential oils

three essential oil bottles with two towels

Nature’s Truth essential oils below are pure mixes with only one dominant scent.

Orange sweetOrangeVitalizing
RosemaryJungle GreenClarifying
Tea treeGreenPurifying

Nature’s Truth 15ml Essential oils Blends

These blends are a mixture that has been well-calibrated to give your senses the right kind of stimulation. You can use them in numerous ways, including dispersion from diffusers or as showering sprays.

There are thirteen combinations of Nature’s Truth blends.

Below are a few of the essential oils’ names, the packaging color, and effect expected after use.

Pure Stress EazeBlueCalming
Pure CalmingRedRelaxing
Pure BalancePurpleCentering
Pure EnergyRedUplifting
Pure Breathe EasyBluePurifying
Pure Good NiteDark blueRelaxing
Pure HappinessOrangeEnergizing
Pure Mental ClarityDark blueFocusing
Pure PeaceMaroonBalancing
Pure PurifyingBlueRefreshing
Sandalwood Oil blendBrownEnlightening
Pure SleepDark BlueTranquil
Pure 4 ThriveRedCleansing

Nature’s Truth Single 20 FL.Oz bottles

Nature’s Truth Single 20 FL. Oz bottles are only two fragrances; Lavender in purple and Peppermint in green.

The lavender has a rejuvenating feeling, while peppermint is excellent at refreshing and jump-starting the senses.

Pros and cons of Nature’s Truth 15ml essential oils

Natures Truth Sandalwood Blend Essential


  • They are small, thus easy to carry around.
  • They have a wide range of uses attracting an extensive reach of clients with varied needs.
  • The formulation of the fragrance oils is all-natural, which is admirable.


  • For people who use these oils frequently, the 15ml volume might be too little. And this forces them to purchase extra pieces, which can be costly.
  • The 20 Fl. Oz is only limited to two fragrances which is a bummer.

Nature’s Truth Roll-ons

Natures Truth Essential Roll Lavender

Roll-ons are products that have a ball as an applicator.

They are usually straightforward to use, and you can carry them everywhere.

These particular Nature’s Truth roll-ons have immense power to provide muscle relaxation, clarity, and tranquillity while sleeping.

Here are all of the seven roll-on’s in the table below.

Focus Essential oilGreenClarity
Good NiteDark BlueRelaxing
Lavender Essential oilPurpleRejuvenating
Muscle EaseDark purpleSoothing
Sleep Essential OilDark blueTranquil
Tea treeGreenPurifying

Pros and cons of Nature’s roll-ons


  • There is a wide range to choose from, and each caters to a specific issue.
  • These roll-ons are since they are small and portable.


  • The fragrances seem to be mild, and they fade with time. And this may force you to reapply often to keep the scent alive.
  • Some types have a very overbearing scent which can irritate the nasal cavity.

Nature’s Truth Base Carrier Oils

You can use these base carrier oils as a solvent for essential oils. After mixing with the fragrant essential oils, one can use them for their skin or hair. Nature’s Truth has only three base carrier oils. And they are:

They have very mild scents, which make the ideal oils to mix with essential oil.

You only require a few drops of essential oil to make a blend. These bottles come in a 40 Fl.Oz bottle.

Pros and cons of Nature’s Truth carrier oils


Natures Truth Pressed Avocado Fluid

  • The unscented sweet almond makes it the perfect oil to use when mixing to make your DIY items like soaps and lotions since it does not change the scent.
  • They are lightweight oils that get absorbed into the skin to give it a nice, smooth, and velvety feel.


  • If you want to use the carrier oil on its own, you will have no scent whatsoever.
  • They are not moisturizing enough for someone with dry skin because of their light consistency.

Nature’s Truth Oil Mists

Essential oil bottles with a diffuser on a table

Nature’s Truth mists are a mix of distilled water and essential oil. They are quite handy when you are on the go since they are very portable.

The spray oils come in a 2.4FL. Oz bottle.

Whenever you need to use it, you take the cap off and mist the air around you.

Here are the six kinds of Nature’s Truth oil mists.

Good NightDark blueRelaxing
Muscle EaseSootheSoothe
SleepDark blueTranquil

Pros and cons of Nature’s Truth oil mists


Natures Truth Spray Rejuvenating Lavender

  • Nature’s Truth oil mists have a mild scent that has lengthy longevity. A couple of spritz changes the smell in the air completely.
  • They are ideal as skin-care regimes, i.e., the Lavender oil mist.
  • They have admirable properties also to repel insects and parasites.


  • There have been a few concerns about some scents being counterfeit.

Nature’s Truth Diffusers

Nature’s Truth also has a line-up of three excellent diffusers used to dispense essential oils. And using them is pretty straightforward.

Here is a brief description of the three.

Aromatherapy Mini Diffuser

This Nature’s Truth diffuser is a small diffuser with an impressive 10-hour running time. And the dispense interval is five hours.

Using it is pretty simple. You add three to five drops of your essential oil into the distilled water inside the diffuser. Then plug it in, turn it on, and set the diffusing interval.

This little beauty can run from dusk to dawn, adorning your space with pleasant scents of essential oils. Its compactness makes it ideal for traveling. But you can also use it at home or the office.

Glittering Glass Diffuser

Nature's Truth Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Relax and rejuvenate with this Ultra Sonic Aroma Glittering Glass Diffuser.
  • By adding just a few drops of your favorite essential oil, you can instantly create a relaxing and therapeutic environment.
  • Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil with water to your diffuser to begin your aromatherapy experience.

This diffuser has a more exquisite appearance to it.

It works to break down the water and essential oil particles into micro-particles and sends them into the air in a jet.

They are not ideal for carrying around because the glass is fragile—thus, they are suitable for homes and offices.

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Nature's Truth Ultra-Sonic Aromatherapy Elegant Wood-Look Diffuser w/USB Adapter
  • Enjoy Improved Wood Veneer Finish and increased durability with Nature's Truth Ultra Sonic decorating Wood-Look Aroma Diffuser.
  • Now with 2 Mist Settings: Continuous with Up to 5 Hours Runtime and New Intermittent Setting with Up to 10 Hours runtime.
  • No Wicks needed

This diffuser has an external wooden body that is aesthetically appealing.

The shape is a conical flask with a thin neck and a wide round bottom.

This one is also perfect for home and the office.

How To Use Nature’s Truth Essential Oils

Some of the items described above have a straightforward use. A product such as an oil mist goes airborne using the spray nozzle attached to the bottle. And the roll-on is used by applying directly to the skin.

But for products such as single or blend bottles have more application ways than one. And below are some of them.



The three types of Nature’s Truth diffusers, which are excellent ways to dispense essential oils. The procedure is usually very straightforward, but here is a run-through:

  • Add distilled water up to the indicated line on the diffuser.
  • Add two to five drops of the essential oil of your choice.
  • Plugin the diffuse and switch it on. Do not forget to input the mode of dispense and set the timer if your diffuser has one.
  • Enjoy the fragrance!

That is all you need to know about using a diffuser to dispense essential oils.

But wait, one more thing; you must clean the diffuser after every use, never add water past the indicated line, and never use the essential oil undiluted.

During a shower or bath

During a shower or bath

You can also use essential oils during baths and showers. If you are using a bathtub, place a few drops of the fragrant oil inside the water before taking a dip. And if you are showering, steam up the shower and spray a few spritzes of the essential oil and enjoy.

Use as air-freshener

Use as air-freshener 

For this method, you will mostly use the oil mist or mix the oil with distilled water. And when you need the fragrance, you mist up the air with a few presses.

DIY projects

DIY projects

In this method, you mix a few things with the essential oils. Here, you can make soaps, lotions, candles, and massage oils. Every item mentioned here has its procedure which you must follow to get your desired results.

Fragrant Scent balls

Fragrant Scent balls

You can also use Nature’s Truth essential oils as fragrant scent balls by dabbing cotton balls with a few drops of the essential oils. These balls are then strategically placed within the home to slowly dispense the essential oils’ pleasant aroma.

They can be placed under the beds, at corners, in the washroom, and anywhere else. You must, however, be careful not to put them in spots where children or pets can interfere with them.

Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets

Did you know that you can also make your clothes radiate the beautiful aroma of essential oils? How? By using dryer sheets.

To use them for this purpose, dab a few drops of the essential oil on the sheets, then place them into the dryer with your laundry. While they mix, the fragrance rubs onto your clothing, and the result is a fresh batch of divine-smelling clothes.

This is a great way to sort out and keep away skin conditions like eczema and other skin conditions. More so, having an uplifting scent on your clothes all day seems like a superb idea!

Customer reviews on Nature’s Truth Essential oils

Customer reviews on Nature's Truth Essential oils

Every product has its pros and cons. Some of these sentiments are given by clients who have used these products.

Generally speaking, Nature’s Truth essential oils have received praise and admiration from most of its clients, although there are a few negative comments here and there.

The positive remarks

One great thing that stands out about Nature’s Truth essential oils is that they have nailed the packaging. From the packaging, you know exactly what to expect by merely reading the sticker. Secondly, the colors are a novel scene you rarely see in a product line. Most brands usually go for a standard sticker, which can be confusing in some cases.

Other mentionable positive reviews are the wide range of products, the variety in flavors and fragrances, and effectiveness. By effectiveness, the client means that the product works.

For instance, one client mentioned that the botanical blend Pure Calming kind relaxed a hysterical 5-year old autistic child. And another attests that the Pure Muscle Ease roll-on helps him reduce the onset of headaches and migraines he had battled for ages.

The negative remarks

On the flip side, a few people aired their concerns that there was a prevalent issue with leaking essential oils bottles. On arrival, the bottles seem untampered, but the scent is overpowering, which is rather odd.

Several clients were complaining that the spouts that came with the 15ml essential oil bottle were defective. And this is an inconvenience since they waste a lot while trying to get accurate measurements.

Other issues that arose were that some scents were mild and faded away fast. And lastly, several brought to light that some scents were overpowering.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Meaning one person may like the vitalizing Orange Sweet, while another might dislike it. This shows us that every customer’s experience is unique, and every story is valid.

All in all, Nature’s Truth essential oils seem to be winning many people’s hearts. If they have been in business for forty-plus years, that means they are doing something right. With that, we can conclude that the pros outweigh the cons.



The health and wellness industry is teeming with companies with numerous products in the same line as Nature’s Truth. Below are the two alternative companies:

Young Living

Young Living 

Young Living is also in the business of producing purely plant-based essential oils similar to Nature’s Truth. They have an impressive catalog with items like diffusers, accessories, nutritional supplements, vitamins, essential oils, and personal care products.

They, too, have good products that support wellness and happier Living. Thus a great alternative you can consider.



DoTerra is yet another household name in the health and wellness sector. DoTerra is a top-tier business that marks its beginning in 2008. The founders include a team of health-care and business people who were part of Young Living at some point.

DoTerra is a multi-level-marketing company, and that gives it a premium spot as one of the finest producers of essential oils. And because of that, their products tend to be a bit on the pricey side.

They have products like pure essential oils, healthy living products, spa, and nutritional supplements. For these product line-ups, they do give Nature’s Truth a run for their money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nature’s Truth essential oils pure?

Yes, they all are. Every product from this brand is sourced from the finest and purest ingredients found naturally.

The ingredients used are plant-based, GMO, and paraben-free.

In addition to that, every fragrance used is natural and is all GC and MS approved for purity.

Are Nature’s Truth essential oils any good?

Yes, they are, if you use them for the intended purpose.

For example, if you want to soothe your migraine, go for the purple Pure Muscle Ease, and use the energizing Pure Happiness blend for a happy feeling.

Who owns Nature’s Truth?

Piping Rock Health Products own Nature’s Truth product line. They are located in the USA.

How do you use Nature’s truth essential oil?

You can use Nature’s Truth essential oils on a diffuser, as a bath addition, a shower mist, and as an air freshener.

Additionally, you can create soaps, candles, and lotions containing the oils through DIY projects.

Essential oils may also be used in house cleaners, as scent balls, and lastly as dryer sheets to give laundry a pleasant scent.

What is the best essential oil brand?

There are so many health and wellness brands selling top-notch products; you go with the one that tickles your fancy.

Regardless, Nature’s Truth is a great place to start.

Wrap up

It is uplifting to walk into a room that instantly makes you calm and relaxed.

Even so, there is a minimal list of things in the universe that can guarantee you such a feeling.

But essential oils can do that for you and your space.

Nature’s truth essential oil reviews give you a massive list of products to choose from.

To sum everything up, now you know who Nature’s Truth is, what they do and what they sell.

The next time you come across their product on the shelf, you will have a broader and more in-depth knowledge of what you are selecting.

If you are starting now, nature’s truth essential oil reviews will guide you in making a better decision when buying essential oils.

Nature’s Truth is genuinely the truth and clarity you need. So give this brand a try!